places to visit in Uttarkashi

Best Places to visit in Uttarkashi to refresh your mind and soul

Places to visit in Uttarkashi – A treat for the soul!

Uttarkashi is stacked with several popular tourist destinations where people visit to seek peace and refresh their mind, away from the concrete jungle. Here are few best places to visit in Uttarkashi to refresh your mind and soul.

Uttarkashi- The Adobe of Divine and Serenity

The small town of Uttarkashi is a mystic peaceful calm serene place considered as abode of Kashi Vishwanath. Rishis throughout ages have known Uttarkashi as a place to attain higher self and spiritual upliftment. Pilgrims come from all part of the world for quest of spiritual knowledge, self-development and to attain blessings from the almighty thus getting refreshed in mind and soul. Uttarkashi is derived from the name of Lord Vishwanath or Kashi. In fact, it is “home to Kashi of the North”- Uttarkashi situated on the Banks of sacred River Ganges or Bhagirathi.

Besides, this small town it is an extension to a large district of the state, Uttarakhand. There are numerous places to visit in Uttarkashi. The entire district has rich culture.Decorum in life style and feeling of brotherhood are very prominent among local people. The district falls on the background of majestic yet tranquil Himalayas, strict vegetarian food to eat, pure air to inhale and overall peace in daily life of people creates an ambience of contentment which percolates into mind and soul of the visiting tourists.

Best places to visit in Uttarkashi

The Vishwanath Temple

Devoted to Lord Shiva this is a regularly visited place by pilgrims on way to Gangotri, Yamunotri or Char Dham yatra. There is a spectacular Shiva Lingainside the temple. The temple is on the bank of Ganges and encircled by snow capped mountains.

Maneri Dam

Is one of the places to visit in Uttarakhand. This is a sightseeing destination in Uttarkashi. The dam is enclosed on all sides by the mighty Himalayas and profuse greenery due to collosal meadows making it a divine classy place to refresh mind and soul. This is generally a picnic destination. This concrete based dam diverts the water of Bhagirath to feed the Tiloth Power Plant and Maneri Bhali Hydroelectric Project.

Dodital Lake

Uttarkashi district has numerous places for energization and unreel experience, one such being Dodital Lake. Situated almost at an altitude of 3000 odd meter this place is a splendid freshwater filled lake.This is also locally called ‘Ganesh Ki Tal” and has religious sentiments attached to it. Local dwellers believe Lord Ganesha chose this place as his home. There is a Ganesha Temple adjacent to the lake. This is an ideal picnic spot, surrounded by snow-clad mountains and splendid alpine trees. One can go for trekking and sunrise observation. Adventure lovers tend to make this place base camp for trekking to Darwa Pass and Hanumanchatti in Yamuna valley. This is truly a grand place of Uttarkashi.

Dayara Buggyal

This is another among great places to visit in Uttarkashi. An absolute calm and majestic place, appropriate for trekking and camping. Located at an altitude of 3000 meter approximate it has amazing lush green meadows and an awesome beauty of the surroundings. Trekkers tend to trek approximate 9 kms from Barsu village and reach Dayara Bugyal. One can feel total relax and get his mind and soul rekindled amidst bountiful nature. In winters, there is heavy snowfall in this region thus making this place into a skiing destination. The natural snow laden slopes make it an ideal skiing field and attract ski enthusiasts from all over the world. Dayara Buggyal ought to be in the itinerary schedule of a tourist visiting Uttarkashi.

Nachiketa Lake

This falls under one of the great places to visit in Uttarkashi. The scenic beauty and photo shoot are bound to provide a jaw dropping experience for the tourist visiting Nachiketa Lake. There is a Mythological story associated with this place. The lake was created by Uddalok, who named this place Nachiketa following his sons name. The lake provides formidable look and is being surrounded by thick pine and oak trees. The entire ambience is appeasing to one’s mind and soul. A Nag Devta temple is located on the lakeshore of this Nachiketa Lake.

Kuteti Devi Temple

Yet another wonderful amongst places to visit in Uttarkashi. Devoted in the name of Goddess Kuteti Devi the erstwhile form of Goddess Durga as per Hindu Mythology. This is a temple on top of the Parvat Hilltop and on the Banks of Bhagirathi. This temple was supposed to have been built by daughter and son-in-law of Maharaja Kota after they received blessings from Goddess herself. The dwellers from the adjoining villages worship Kuteti Devi as their guardian Goddess who is there to save them for any kind of trouble that may arise. This is an important tourist destination for people visiting Uttarkashi. The panoramic view around the temple is exquisite. For Tourist this is a must visit place who are seeking solace for mind and soul. The essence around this temple is great for one’s spiritual upliftment.


Har Ki Dun

This is one of the best places to visit in Uttarkashi. This is an amazing cradle shaped valley, from where one can see Himalayan Mountain peaks like Swargarohini, Ruinsara, Bandarpoonch and Black peaks. One can reach this valley while trekking through Govind national Park. This is a trekkers paradise and great place for adventure enthusiasts. This place is also known as ‘valley of Gods’ as local people has a long-drawn opinion through ages that Pandavas of Mahabharat, proceeded through this valley on their way to Heaven.

Shakti Temple

Another amongst best places to visit in Uttarkashi. This is a very popular sight seeing destination amongst pilgrims and tourist seeking spiritual upliftment. The tranquility around this place is ideal for meditation. One can spend sometime to do meditation sitting underneath oak trees that surround the temple. This is quite nearby Vishwanath temple of Uttarkashi and is acknowledged for a mighty ‘Trishul’ made of iron and copper. As per Hindu mythology it is believed Goddess Shakti threw this ‘Trishul’ on the demons to kill them and thus get rid of their evil power.


This is the best place to visit in Uttarkashi. One needs to reach Gangotri and then trek approx. 18 kms uphill to reach Gaumukh. This is a glacier and considered the source of Ganges or Bhagirath River. This glacier has immense importance in Hindu mythology and many pilgrims and tourist come here to take holy dip in icy cold waters that originate from glacier. On this trek route there are numerous shelters of ‘sadhus’ who spend their entire life in search of spiritual solace.

The entire ambience of the place is heaven like. It is off-white everywhere, the stones, snows and snow-clad mountains, ice and icy water make it a place of spiritual harmony and ensures rejuvenation of mind and soul for the visiting tourist and pilgrims. Interaction with the sadhus living here is a life time experience. Their culture thought process and their outlook to life has a totally different dimension. It leaves a permanent good feeling in thee minds of the tourist.


It is one of the most popular destination and considered one of the dhams among ‘char dhams’. Certainly, one of the best places to visit in Uttarkashi. It is a Nagar panchayat in district Uttarkashi of Uttarakhand. Situated almost at a height of 3100 meters above sea level this is considered as origin point of Ganges or Bhagirathi on its journey towards the plains of the country. The rushing, with immense force, of the Ganges is a treat to the eyes and a holy dip needs to be in the minds of the tourist. One can rest on the banks of Ganges and chant ‘Vedic Chants’ which is certainly a way to refresh mind and soul. On the banks is the temple of Ma Ganges. There is regular evening arati called ‘Sandhya arati’ and tourists are eager to witness the event.


Is called ‘Shiva’s Lake’ and certainly one of the best places to visit in Uttarkashi. This lake is formed at an altitude of approximate 5000 meter above sea level. The waters are resultant, melting of Kedar glacier and this form beginning of ‘Kedar Ganga’ river which becomes a tributary of main Ganges river. This place is mainly a trekking destination which starts from Gangotri. The stretch is around 18 kms and previous experience is required. The trekking route passes through sliding and slippery rock zones along the banks of ‘Kedar Ganga’.

The trek path ensures spell bound views of snow-clad mountains, picturesque valleys, streams and waterfalls. Kedartal is encircled by Himalayan peaks like Thalay Sagar, Bhrigupanth, Jogin 1 nd 2. This route in rich in ‘fauna’ and one can spot varieties of avian species, black bear or Blue sheep. The reflections of these peaks on the waters of Kedartal just create magical ambiance. The photographs taken by the trekkers are worth keeping in drawing rooms as show pieces after return. Normally this trek takes around three days to be completed as it passes through Bhoj Kharak and Kedar Kharakon route from Gangotri to Kedartal.


This is one of the major places to visit in Uttarkashi. River Yamuna begins from here and it is situated at an altitude of 3300 meter. One has to further trek up to about 4450 meters to view the original source of Yamuna. This is a major Dham among the ‘Char Dhams’ of Uttarakhand. Usually the ‘Char Dham’ pilgrimage begins with Yamunotri being the first destination.

The pilgrims walk uphill a stretch of 4kms from the last motorable point Jan- ki- Chattiand reach the temple of Goddess Yamuna. They worship give ‘pujas’ and take holy bath on the adjacent sulfur based hot spring. A dip in this spring is holy and it gets rid of certain skin diseases. The tourist can also visit Kharsali a great picnic spot. There are numerous hot springs, waterfalls and green meadows circled by Himalayan Oaks and Conifers. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva called the ‘Someswar Temple’.