Camping in Rishikesh – The Perfect Thrill Booster for You

With your hectic schedules, a perfect weekend getaway sounds like a farfetched dream. To get away to a location, that can help you rejuvenate and relax over the weekend, is all you need to get back your energies and take a break from your daily schedules. A weekend at Rishikesh could be your perfect getaway. Go for camping in Rishikesh, and enjoy a blissful weekend away from the hustle bustle of your daily life.

The beautiful city of Rishikesh situated in the Shivalik ranges of Himalayas is a sacred place but also makes for an amazing adventurous getaway. Tourist visits this place for peace and serenity and to get some thrill. Since it’s situated in the hilly state of Uttarakhand it makes for the perfect camping spot. There are a lot of camping sites along the banks of river Ganga and they also make for great locations to indulge in various water sports. While camping in Rishikesh, you get to spend your nights amidst the lap of nature, under the twinkling stars. The city also gives you spiritual experience, with all the Ghats, temples and sacred aartis that take place here.

Camping in Rishikesh

The hilly region also makes for the right place to organize activities like rappelling, river rafting, rock climbing, and Hiking. The mountain trails here are very popular and are not that difficult as the mountains are not that high. Camping in Rishikesh also gives you an opportunity to go through the thick forests and see the rich wildlife that resides here, like leopards, bison, golden langurs, otters, Asian elephants, and Bengal tigers. And there is also a large variety of flora here, from tree species of Sal, Indian olives to hop bushes all around the forests.

Wondering which can be the best place for Camping in Rishikesh? Wild hawk adventures provide the best camping packages for you, where you can indulge in an adventurous experience and enjoy to your heart contents.

Best places for Camping in Rishikesh

Read on to know more about the 3 best camping in Rishikesh experiences, by Wild hawk.

1) Adventure Camping by Wild Hawk

When you decide to go camping, you definitely want it to be as adventurous as it can be. This camp at Phool chatti, is going to be the perfect destination for you. The location is just alongside the banks of River Huel and has scenic views of Himalayas. You will get an opportunity to experience thrilling adventures and wake up at the banks of the river every morning; it’s definitely going to be a wonderful experience for you.

2) River Rafting by Wild Hawk

In the list of all the adventures that this camp provides, you also get to go for white water rafting in the rivers, you will be provided with a rafting boat and all the necessary gears, and you can go enjoy paddling through the waters of Rishikesh. There are rapids of level 1 to level 6 here and you can decide to go for this adventure as per your experience and liking. 

3) Waterfall trekking

This is another exciting activity that this camp offers, an exciting trek to numerous waterfalls in Rishikesh.  You get to explore the hidden natural gems of Rishikesh, which are situated in the reserved forest of the Rajaji National Park. One cannot easily access these waterfall, they are only accessible by trekking to the place. This trek also involves adventures activities like narrow jungle trails, and some of the waterfalls also have caves near them. It’s a refreshing experience and you will definitely enjoy finding out new waterfalls and places.

Tips for Camping in Rishikesh

Camping in Rishikesh will be an experience to remember for a lifetime, but here are some tips that you should keep in mind before planning this adventurous trip.

1. Make sure you book any adventures like river rafting or bungee jumping in advance because you want to be sure of all the arrangements and safety measures.

2. Check the weather in advance to see if you need any rain gears, just in case there is any prediction of change in weather suddenly. 

3. Remember to carry insect repellent and extra torches just in case.

4. Do not pack heavy. Take only the essentials, since you will have to carry around your backpack and you might be living in tents, so it’s advisable to travel light.

5. Check for cottages, camps or tents on the way beforehand to plan your stops. Your accommodation plan should be clear so that you don’t have to around searching for places to stay.

6. Start planning early to make sure there are no issues at the last moment, having a properly planned itinerary is always a better option.

7. When you get to the campsite make sure the first thing you do is set up the tent. The sooner the better, because then you can be settled and enjoy your tour peacefully.

8. Try dressing up in layers to prepare you for sudden weather changes, campsites can get really cold at a time or maybe you will face sudden rains, you should be prepared for all cases.

9. And last but not the least try finding river-facing café. Some of them have amazing local cuisines and you can enjoy some great views while having a delicious meal.


Best time to go for Rishikesh Camping

Well, if you are looking to visit Rishikesh, exclusively for the camping adventure and the sports then I would be great if you can either visit around Late September – October, to mid-November or early March, April to the first week of May.

How to Reach Rishikesh?

By air: Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is the closest airport to Rishikesh at a distance of 35 km. Book a cab from the airport to Rishikesh. Also, you can opt for the Uttarakhand Roadways buses that ply from the bus stand close to the railway station.

By train: Haridwar Railway Station is the nearest railhead to Rishikesh at a distance of 25 km. There are a number of buses and taxis running from Haridwar to Rishikesh.

By bus: Rishikesh is well connected with the nearby places which includes Delhi. The 6-7 hour journey is connected by NH 58 and makes for an excellent driving path.

River Rafting in Rishikesh

Detailed information on Camping in Rishikesh

Let us consider Delhi as the point of departure, which happens to be the biggest city in the vicinity of Rishikesh. Volvo buses make the most convenient option to travel from Delhi to Rishikesh, which operate from ISBT Kashmiri Gate.

Day 1 – Day of arrival, trek, and safari

Soon after the arrival at the camp after an engrossing overnight journey head to the camp. A great breakfast and tea await you there. Enjoy the scenic beauty around or get some rest while preparing for the big day ahead. Jungle safari is the next activity! A 4×4 open jeep takes you to the nearby jungle in the Rajaji National Park and to the Vindhyavasini Mata Temple.

Explore the best of the jungle with a short jungle trek in the dense woods. Refreshing vibes and incredible views await as you head to the Neergadh Waterfall. Back at the camp good food and snacks await you at the camp. A bonfire at night with musical games and indoor activities like board games. Overnight stay at the camp.

* Make sure that you visit Laksham Jhula too. It’s a popular attraction located close to Shivpuri.

Day 2 – Day of river rafting

Rishikesh is known for river rafting in Ganga river. The river with its exciting rapids makes a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts who love to experience the thrill. After a hearty breakfast head to the rafting site by the Ganga river where organizers provide you the necessary equipment required for rafting.

Enjoy the morning sunrise as the sun emerges from behind the mountains. Head to the rafting point after the meal. Shivpuri Rafting Point, with grade 2 & 3 rapids, is the most famous of them all. Among others Brahmpuri, Marine Drive, and Kaudiyala rafting points are popular.

Listen to the instructions given by the guides leading you. Take it easy in the beginning and enjoy the moments of adventure, raft along with the gushing rapids. Depart for Delhi around 4 pm and that’s how a memorable trip comes to an end.

Things to pack

  • T-shirt – at least 2
  • Warm sweatshirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Eyeglass with straps (only if required)
  • Sunscreen lotion & lip balm
  • Sneakers or river shoes
  • Waterproof camera (carrying the regular one might be risky)
  • Water/energy drink
  • Extra plastic bag
  • Towel

Words of caution for river rafting in Rishikesh

Engrossing or tempting that a camping in Rishikesh is, it is equally dangerous and therefore it is advised to keep a few things in mind before treading in those waters!

i) Every word from the instructor is important. Listen & strictly adhere to it
ii) Always wear a lifejacket or personal floating device
iii) Be safe and comfortable in whatever you wear
iv) Hold the paddle properly
v) Stay in the boat
vi) Know the commands and don’t panic in case of emergency

Camping in Rishikesh is all about living amidst nature and experiencing the adventure. Try visiting a few religious sites along! This place will take away all your worries.

What are the other adventure activities one can opt for while camping in Rishikesh?

Bungee jumping, rock climbing, swing, and flying fox are a few other adventure activities you can take while camping in Rishikesh.

Only when you experience nature’s majesty under cold dark night, sitting by the warm fire, spotting the brightest star, the mighty nature overwhelms you. Uttarakhand is the place where camps and bonfires make an exciting prospect for a traveler. Plan a camping in Rishikesh and enthrall yourself with a range of activities.

The camps in Rishikesh, with neatly managed surroundings, panoramic views, and uninterrupted of valleys, makes for the ideal place to spend a day or two. These stays have basic facilities, offer good food and a wide range of activities that are perfectly curated to make your holidays engrossing. A camping stint in these places could be the best bargain for your weekend!

Overall, camping in Rishikesh is an exhilarating experience that one should definitely indulge in during the weekend and take time for yourself to unwind, relax and rejuvenate and also keep the excitement and thrill alive in you.