Trekking Tips for Beginners – Newbies Take Note!

The lust of human for thrill and adventure is known from the ancient times. No matter what age group we fall in, the longing desire for a noteworthy and exciting experience is never dead. Haven’t thoughts of bungee jumping, trekking, rafting, skiing, and hot air ballooning given you adrenaline rushes? The youth is strongly attracted towards all these ploys even if it is risky. No doubt few expeditions are arduous and risky but they are worth experiencing.

Mind travels places but it is great when the body accompanies!

India: A Paradise for Trekking Enthusiasts

Trekking is one such soft-adventure sport, fascinating ploy lovers day by day. Trekking is no more just a way of amusement, it is a skill now. When we talk particularly about India, India is a country which is paradise for trek lovers. It is even sometimes claimed that there as numerous trekking routes in India, almost equal to the number of Indians. The various shrines and religious sites across the country like Jammu and kashmir, Garhwal region, Rishikesh etc. are major attractions for trek lovers across the country as well as foreigners. Numerous firms have been set up to conduct trekking expeditions and to guide the tourists. Not only numerous trekking routes, India offers beautiful trekking routes. The huge Himalayan terrain adorned with rivers in the north is the most favorite places for trek lovers.

Most tourists prefer trekking in Rishikesh over any other place in India. The prime reason for this preference is the picturesque locations Rishikesh offers. Waterfall trekking in Rishikesh is a new tourist activity engaging all the trek lovers even more.

Trekking Tips for Your First Experience

Even if you haven’t experienced the thrill, the ploy of trekking offers it’s absolutely okay, it’s still not too late; you can do it now. Traversing arduous trails in mesmerizing locations in the lap of mountains with your backpack and a stick in hand seems to be the coolest and most fulfilling adventure ever. But wait! for first time trekkers it isn’t that easy. Although trekking is a soft sport with almost zero risk but you really need proper mental and physical preparation before you set out on a trekking adventure? Good preparation for your first trek can result in an amazing trek experience and would increase your love for sport.

First time trekkers should follow some trekking tips in order to avoid any fuss during the expedition and add to the joy gained in the experience. Before we go on to describing tips, let us first know all what is required for a trekking expedition. One would need waterproof trekking boots, warm hoodies, running shoes, hats, gloves, socks, wind gear, water gear, a first aid kit, water bottle, toilet kit etc. Just having all these essentials in your backpack is not enough. For an enthralling trekking experience following trekking tips must be followed.

1) Warm up your body

Trekking Tips for Beginners

Trekking will require you to be physically prepared. After all you have to traverse long and difficult paths. In order to train your body for the adventure you must manage brisk walks on regular basis. With time, speed up your pace of walking. This training is aimed at increasing your stamina and activating your body for the upcoming thrill. In fact, it is even advised to practice walking on terrains which are as tough as the one you have to trek on. It is also advised to train legs by doing proper exercises like plunges, squats, leg presses, cycling etc. In order to develop your leg muscles properly you can also play football and do swimming.

2) Right choice of footwear

Trekking Shoes

This might seem a not so important among the numerous tekking tips, but this is the most significant one for sure. Wrong shoes on trek often end up harming foots of the trekkers. For instance, hard and stoney terrains often lead to development of corn in the foot. Shoe bite is a problem not unknown to anyone. On top of these improper shoes can even give trekkers a hairline fracture. So, the most important trekking tip is to buy good pair of trekking shoes which provide proper ankle protection. Also, it is advised to use them before the trek until you become used to it.

3) Make yourself aware about your trek route

Trekking Route

 It is a good idea and smart move to make yourself completely aware about the place you are going to visit. This amount of mental preparation is necessary to avoid any last minute twists and fuss. Get yourself to know well about the risks (if any) involved in your path. You can also read reviews of trekkers about that place online. Read well about do’s and dont’s involved in your trek route.

4) Get accustomed with walking with your back pack

Carry Easy Backpack

Well that although seems a bit impractical to walk with your backpack in order to train yourself to deal with the weight you are going to carry, but that is necessary. If you have no practice of walking with weight you might end up tiring yourself in a short distance. Try to carry some load while you walk if walking with backpack seems impractical for training purpose. First time trekkers would obviously find it tough to walk on arduous paths with loaded backpack, so it is mandatory for them to prepare themselves.

5) Begin with an easy trek

Choose Easy Trek

Take a step at a time, long leaps might lead you to tiring and hurting yourself. For beginners it is advised to begin with any of the easy trekking routes. Don’t aim high for the first trek. You can cover difficult terrains when you become experienced. If you chose a difficult trek in the first go, you would end up tiring your body. Recreation is not about tiring oneself but is about thrilling oneself and enjoying.

6) Keep your backpack as light as possible

Trekking Tips for Beginners

The content of your backpack depends entirely on the duration of your trek. The challenge is to keep all the essentials in the backpack while making sure it is not too heavy. Things like medicine, water, dry food items, warm clothes, torch etc. should compulsorily be present in your backpack. Light weight of the backpack will make your trek easy and less tiring. Smart packing must be done for first trek particularly as beginners are not accustomed with walking with load.

7) Layer up your clothes

Trekking Guide

Wear 3-4 layers of clothes so that whenever you feel hot you can remove some and in case it is cold you are already comfortable.

8) Opt for a renowned firm for your first trek

Professional Trekking Company

It is good idea to book your trip through a good and established firm for your first trek. They will impart you proper guidance and will make optimum choices on your behalf. When you are in touch with a good firm it is their responsibility enhance your trekking experience. Beginners really need a guide to conduct their trek in the right and safe way.

9) Keep your body hydrated and eat right

Take A Nutritious Diet During Trek

Continuous trekking does leads to cramps in muscles. Drinking water more often comes to rescue in such cases. It is advised by nutritionists to eat dry fruits and chocolates during treks.

10) Proper scheduling and budget planning

Good Budget Planning Is Important

Proper scheduling and good budget planning is among the important trekking tips. Make sure the weather and climate of your designated is according to you and schedule your trek accordingly. Take help from your friends in this job and also let them know about your schedule. Good financial planning saves the stress on your wallet. Estimate your expenditure and keep a little more money in hands than the estimated value. You never know when you need more money.

11) Take permission for shoot

A young woman using a DSLR camera

This tip is exclusively for photographers who wish to film their trekking experience. Many places require proper legal permit to use camera. Make sure to secure permission for filming beforehand or else you might end up giving fine. It is a great idea to document your trekking experience. Trekking experience will give you cooler instagram stories.

12) Do not over estimate your potential

Tired After Too Much Trekking

Last but not the least point to keep in mind is not to over strain your body while trekking. If you have any physical problems like issues in back or neck or knees, choose terrains that are easy to trek and keep your trek short. Trekking is an enthralling experience but one must not ignore complains of the body just for that joy. Over straining unfit body during trek can lead to lifelong health issues.

Detailed Trekking Guide for Beginners

The guide to a great trekking experience does not end with these trekking tips but it is also important to behave as a responsible trekker and keep the places you visit neat and clean. It is not only important to get a good experience but leaving the natural environment of the trek route in its initial and beautiful condition is also necessary. Do not litter around where you trek and camp. After all you will always need these beautiful locations for recreation. Trekking is really a drug and if you try it once, you are going to need it again and again.