5 Best Adventure Activities You Can Do in Delhi NCR

The capital city Delhi is known for being a city jungle with all of its ever-growing commercial aspects but it also has several aspects to cater to the needs of those craving for something Adventurous. Like any other major commercial cities in India Delhi too has individuals looking for some adventurous gateways from the hustle of their everyday life. Yes, there’s a huge line of destinations in Delhi that make for an amazing outing adventure. But they can’t satisfy the craving of the adrenaline rush of Delhiites.

As mentioned above, Delhi is not that far behind in offering adventurous activities. Noida, Faridabad, Gurgaon, and Delhi have a lot of destinations that offer facilities of adventure sports and adventure camps. And to assist you in selecting the best, we bring you with this list of adventure activities that you can do in Delhi NCR:

Natural Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Natural Rock Climbing & Rappelling Near Delhi NCR

Delhi has a number of natural and man-made formations to allow the rock climbers and adventure enthusiast the check out their skills. The rock formation of the Dhauj village is famous for being the finest place for rock climbing activity since 1986 and is located in the Hills of Aravalli about 20kilometer away from Faridabad. In these rock climbing destinations, the Rappelling is also available. The best time to go for rock climbing is from October to March and for this you would need to get in touch with an organizer for booking and details, doing this makes it a lot more enjoyable as you need not worry about anything else.


Zipline Near Delhi NCR

For an adrenaline-filled adventure during the winters Ziplining through the mountains is a great choice. Aside from this Zipline is a great way to admire the serene landscapes of the hilly areas. You are sure to witness some of the majestic views while ziplining through the naturally formed mountains in Delhi NCR.



Paintball Near Delhi NCR

If you want to relieve your stress and tension of your everyday professional life and wish to enjoy a fun time with your friends then nothing could possibly be a better way than playing around with colorful paintballs. If you are your friends are planning something notorious then gather them and start your adventure by playing an adrenaline rushing game of Paintball. You can easily find places, where you can go such activities in Delhi so, leave all your worries behind and lock N load for a great match of Paintball fight.

ATV/ Dirt Bike

ATV Bikes/ Dirt Bikes Near Delhi NCR

If you are a motorsports junkie who loves to ride a bike on hilly mountains then the dirt bikes/ ATV Bikes are waiting for you. ATV Bikes/ Dirt biking is yet another great adventure activity of the Delhi NCR that is sure to leave you amazed! If you are not that confident in your riding then fear not the trainers are always there to help you out all you need to do is listen to their instruction and enjoy the wild ride with your ATV/ Dirt bikes.


Zorbing Near Delhi NCR

Zorbing is another fun activity that you can do in the mountains on the outskirts of Delhi NCR. Here is a small context for you if you do not know anything about Zorbing, Zorbing is kind of a human hamster ball activity in which you will experience a rapid descent from an inclined surface from the inside of this transparent huge hamster ball with dense outer walls and special fastening inside the spheres of the ball. If you have motion sickness issues then it is better to avoid but if you are found with that then this can be the most enticing thing that you can do in the Delhi NCR.

Swing on The Top of Hill

All these adventures are sure to stimulate and travelers body and throw our mind in the situation of alertness, helping our thinking and reflexes. The felling can make you rejuvenated and charged up. These places are sure to satisfy even the adrenaline rush of any traveler. So stop waiting and pack your bags and go with the flow.