dodital darwa top trek

Dodital Darwa Top Trek – Trek to Birthplace of Lord Ganesha

Trekking is a walk through areas of unspoiled wilderness, undertaken in order to explore the place and enjoy the landscape. All the rough terrains of mountains are trekking spots, while some of them are usually traversed and others being left unexplored by people. But roughly all the mountaneous paths of rugged terrain can act as trekking routes. The roughness of these mountaneous terrains varies largely. While some treks are easy others are arduous enough and require skill and experience. Trekking experience is enhanced when the landscape surrounding the trek is spectacularly beautiful. Not only the trekking route needs to be amazingly beautiful and natural but also the trekkers are required to be mentally prepared and physically fit for their trekking expedition. The backpack should carry every essential commodity you would require during the expedition. Trekking to same destination in different seasons would also cause an altercation in the backpack contents.

The beautiful Dodital & Darwa Top Trek

The structurally fold and geologically young Himalayas in the north are home to numerous beautiful hills and valleys. Many tourists flood these hill stations seasonally just to soak in the boundless beauty of nature, left untouched by humans. Ploy lovers love to trek to beautiful locations. Afterall, what is the point of tiring yourself by walking on rugged terrains if you don’t get a picturesque landscape to soothe you, relax you and mesmerize you. Mountains are heaven to the city dwellers. Isolated from polluted, developed, crowded and busy cities, they are no less than mother’s lap calling out to disappointed, sad and tired children. Mountains offer unmatched peace of mind, tranquility, satisfaction, elation and thrill to the visitors.

Dodital lake, located in Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand, is a fresh water lake. The lake is situated at height of 3024 metres. It is from Dodital that Assi Ganga rises which later joins Bhagirathi. The local language of people here is Kumaoni, Garhwali and Hindi. This freshwater lake is well situated amidst thick forest cover and is surrounded by Deodar trees. It is also common as bird watching site. The rich variety of flora and fauna in this region make perfect balance in the ecosystem of the place. Dodital lake is one of those rare lakes in India set on such high altitude.

Trek to Dodital

In order to reach Dodital, begin from Uttarkashi and take 19km jeep ride to Sangamchatti. It is at Sangamchatti that the 24 km trek to Dodital embarks. The Dodital trek is the easy one. Beginners often trek to Dodital for their first trekking experience. Trek to Dodital will not tire you or cause wear and tear of the muscles in the body, the way arduous treks do. During your trek to Dodital you will witness wide valleys and deep gorges on the way. Trek to Dodital is interesting one with every step bringing you to next level of natural beauty.

The villages of Bebra or Agora have provisions for overnight stay for the trekkers. Agora is just 6 km away from the beginning point of the trek, that is, Sangamchatti. Bebra is located 2 km further to Agora. Both these places have facility of private lodges and small hotels for the overnight stay of trekkers. One can also camp at these villages. One can halt here for the night and begin the second leg of the adventure the next day and reach Manjhi through beautiful rhododendron forests.

Manjhi has scenic beauty which compels trekkers to stay there for a while. Located 16 km away from Agora, Manjhi is the most beautiful stop for trekkers trekking to Dodital. Shepherd huts are a common site in Manjhi. Trekkers often love to halt their trekking venture and relax and nestle down in the lap of nature at Manjhi. After diving in the boundless beauty of landscape at Manjhi, trekkers move further to about 6 km to reach Dodital. One of the most exciting parts about Dodital and Darwa top trek is availability of a forest rest house which can be booked from officials at forest office in Dodital. You can also camp there for an enthralling experience. Camping in the forest will be a valuable and amazing experience. You are going to love the adventure. The refreshing climate and the natural beauty of the place is a bliss.

The food and drink necessities of the trekkers are taken care of by a basic canteen at Dodital. It is advised to the trekkers to carry dry food items in their backpacks along with them. Often people have munching habits, and want to eat in small amounts every now and then. Dry food items in the backpack come in handy in such situations.

The lush greenery and the clear water are a sight to behold at Dodital. The divine lake has got great appeal due to its pristine beauty and tranquility in the environment. The 24 km long tiring trek is worth the satisfying experience one gets at Dodital.


The adorable viewpoints at Dodital make the place ideal trek destination. Dodital, the sacred lake of the Garhwal region also has opportunities for various adventure sports. It is due to these reasons that tourists are pulled in to this place in large numbers. The beauty of the quiet lake seems to whisper a thousand words to the visitors. Dodital lake is renowned for having golden Masheer fish. However, this must be mentioned here that fishing is not permitted in Dodital lake. The reason for this is the lake being sacred. The place has religious and historical importance due to a mythological story associated with it.

Dodital is also popularly known as Dhundital, which means lake of lord Ganesha or ‘Ganesha ka tal’. The place is the beautiful abode of the legendary lord Ganesha. The mythological story associated with Dodital is that, goddess Parvati, spouse of lord Shiva took shoe wood, clay and turmeric from Dodital for purpose of bathing but ended up moulding out a child out of it and giving it life. The moulded child was none other than lord Ganesha and hence this place is known as the birthplace of lord Ganesha. Dodital is a well known and important pilgrimage site for local devotees. Descendant of holy river Ganga is celebrated at Dodital every year on the eve of Ganga Dussehra.

Dodital trek is so versatile that it can be visited in any season. The weather during the summers in Dodital is particularly pleasant. Many people trek to Dodital during summers to enjoy their summer breaks. Dodital has an unparalleled advantage of being best trek during summers. Trek to Dodital has recreational benefits. Snow capped regions make the place a paradise for snow lover,s during the winter months.

One can visit Dodital in winters for snow trekking. Snowfall in the months of December and January make the place amazingly beautiful and add to its charm. December and January are ideal for snow trekking in Dodital. In summers, the backpack should necessarily contain water, mildly warm clothes, shoes for muddy areas, raincoat, food stuffs etc. Whereas in winters make it a note to carry your warmest clothes, caps, gloves and boots. One is also going to need snow boots.

Moving further to Darwa top

Darwa top is located at height of 4200 metres. From Dodital lake it takes about three to four hours to reach to Darwa top, which is the highest point or the destination of the trek. Trek to Darwa top from Dodhital is the toughest part of the expedition. The hardwork employed in trekking to Darwa top is however rewarding. Ploy lovers attain satisfaction only after doing something challenging. To adventure lovers, trek to Darwa top is satisfying. The Darwaa top offers wide view of the Himalayan peaks. The loftiest mountain peaks of Himalayas are visible from Darwa top. Darwa top is ideal for mountain photography. The peaks of Blackpeak and Bandarpooch hills are visible right in from Darwa top. On the lesft side from Darwa top, one gets soothing view of Yamuna valley. The deep valley has got natural charm and appeal. Srikant, Janoli, Draupadi ka danda and Jaurai Bugyal are visible from the right hand side. The Alpine medows on such height are prime attraction. The trek to Dodital and darwa top is a 3-4 day trek. People come to trek to Darwa top in different seasons suitable to them. Trek to Dodital is easy but trek to Darwatop from Dodital is tough one demanding hardwork. Most people return back after reaching Dodital due to this reason. However trek to Darwa top is rewarding. The beautiful landscape of the Himalayan peaks is worth the effort. The region is rich in flora and fauna.

Beautiful place in nature’s lap

Dodital and Darwa top trek is ideal for tourists wishing to go on a small trekking expedition. Astounding calmness is a salient feature of this place. It is absolutely safe for elderly people as well to go to Dodital. If they do not wish to cover complete 24 km by trek, there are provisions to assist them in such cases. One can take his/her family along on this trekking expedition. The place is must visit for people of all age groups and appeals differently to people of different age groups. Snow and pine covered Meadows will give you beautiful background for memorable pictures.

Not all Indians know about this place and hence there is no harm to call Dodital and Darwa top trek underrated. Most trekkers who have tried the Dodital and Darwa top trek found the environment so familiar that it really felt like home to them. The mini paradise in the lap of Himalayas is however gaining recognition and popularity day by day. The place is good for family tour, honeymoon trip as well as for trekking expedition with friends. The versatility of the place is depicted by different types of tourists flooding it in good numbers every year.

It is best advised to be prepared for small spells of rain during the trek. One must carry waterproof backpack cover, raincoats and rainy season boots for that. People fearing heights or those having breathing disorders should reconsider their decision of trekking to Darwa top. Always remember to maintain the cleanliness standards of the places you visit. Dodital is a sacred lake and is astoundingly clean. Do not litter around on your trek route or on your camp site. A little effort from your side allows these places to remain beautiful and call out to tourists in the coming years.