dayara bugyal trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek – A complete Guide

Are you looking for an adventurous trekking experience with your friends or family? Dayara Bugyal Trek is a perfect destination that gives you a wholesome and experience. It is absolutely stunning during winter as it snows and in turn that is what makes the trekking experience like something to die for. We give you our word that what you will experience here, will be cherished lifelong.

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal Trek is situated in Uttarakhand that can easily be compared to a fairyland because of its snow. Winter unveils a completely different picture of Dayara Bugyal Trek which is simply spectacular. Snow covers the trees, the rocks and the grass. The meadows which add to the lush greenery during other seasons, turn white during winter which gives it a different yet mesmerizing look.

This location has made its own mark and stands out among the other trek locations. It is known to be an easy trek so it is idea for people who are trying it out for the very first time. Some amount of physical fitness is require for you to climb the rough terrains of the mountains. Before you indulge in trekking, check you BMI to ensure if you are fit enough to go ahead.  If you do end up in this location, you will most definitely have the best time of your life.

All that there is to know about Dayara Bugyal Trek

Why should Dayara Bugyal Trek be chosen over all the other ones?

Easy trek for what you experience- Per day average trekking distance is not more than 9 km. Beginners with some amount of physical fitness can easily walk the trail without second thoughts. It is a child’s play for the ones who already have their climbing skills honed.

Less crowd- Other trekking destinations like Triund and Kedarkantha witness a lot of trekkers that in Dyara Bugyal Trek. So, for people who do not like much crowd and want to experience this in peace and calmness, this location is absolutely ideal for them.

Mesmerizing views– The view of the Garhwal Range is absolutely spectacular from Dayara. The sunset can also be enjoyed here which is a jaw-dropping sight. You can also enjoy the view of other peaks from here like, Srikanta and Gangotri. Overall the experience you get here is enthralling.

Opportunity to explore- For people who have come to hike causally, Dayara will give them a fulfilling experience worth cherishing. For the adventure junkies, who wish to explore more can head to Bakaria Top and Surya Top. Higher altitude means better view but climbing higher depends a lot on the condition of the weather and how much snow has accumulated. Skiing is also an activity that takes place in Dayara from January till March.

When is the most ideal time to visit Dayara for the trek?

Winter is clearly the best to visit Dayara Bugyal Trek. It receives heavy snowfall during the months of December. However, it gets cumbersome to have a trekking experience towards the end of January and February because of the huge gathering of snow. So, December’s last week to January’s third week is a fine time to indulge in trekking in Dayara Bugyal Trek. The minimum temperature that you can expect during this time is 5 degree Celsius and the highest could reach a maximum of 20 degree Celsius.

What are the different way one can reach Dayara Bugyal Trek?

There are many ways to actually reach Dayara Bugyal Trek which are as follows:

By Air: The closest Airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport is situated at a distance of about 25 km from the main city. From the airport you can book a cab or rent a taxi in order to reach your destination.


By Rail: There are two trains you could choose from- Nanda Devi Express and Dehradun Express from Delhi. The departure and arrival timings of Nandadevi Express is 11:50 pm to 5: 40 am and the same for Dehradun Express are 9: 10 pm and 5 am respectively.

By bus: Private bus services are not that reliableand it is advised not to opt for them unless absolutely necessary.

After arriving at Dehradun which is basically going to be your starting point for the journey. 5 days is sufficient time for you to make the most of this trekking experience in Dayara Bugyal Trek. Start from Dehradun and reach Barsu, which is a village at a height of seven thousand three hundred and eighty one feet. It takes around 8 hours to reach the village. After that, you need to proceed from Barsu to Barnala which stands tall at a height of nine thousand eight hundred and eighty four feet. From Barnala you finally reach your destination that is Dayara Bugyal.

Are there any risk factors that one needs to be careful about?

High Altitude- High altitude does come with greater excitement and better adventure but there are risks associated with it. Dearth of oxygen is an issue that becomes an issue at a higher altitude. It is important to take necessary steps to ensure safety before embarking upon the expedition.

Unpredictable Weather- The weather in the Himalayas is highly unpredictable. When you start your trek, it might be all hale and hearty but as you gradually approach the top, the weather could deteriorate which is a major concern among trekkers.

Injuries- Even if you are an expert in this area, injuries are not completely inevitable. Rough terrains and the effort one has to put is a deadly combination which could cause injuries like sprains, ankle twist etc. A first aid kit may come at your rescue during situations like this. Take some rest if you are faced with such a situation and do not strain yourself for some time. Give the wound some time before you get back up on your feet again to proceed with the trek.

Disconnected – As you approach higher, mobile networks are compromised, so you have to cut yourself off from the rest of the world, which for today’s generation is a huge deal. Walkie-talkies are often used by people to communicate with each other or with the guides. Inform your family members that you will be unavailable for some time so that they do not worry, while you embark on this extreme expedition in Dayara Bugyal Trek.

How can I contact local guides for the trek?

Being a trekking hub, Uttarkashi has no dearth local guides who could accompany you for your trekking experience. The Nehru Institute of Mountaineering is also nestled here in Uttarkashi which train people and hone their skills to become trained and skilled guides who can be hired by tourists and visitors who wish to go on the expedition. The rates usually vary but are quite affordable. You could also go for agencies who provide such services.  You can book online or you can get in touch with them once you reach your destination.

What are the important things that need to be kept in mind before the trek?

  • It is important for you to carry fuel with you for cooking purposes as Dayara doesn’t have dry wood which can be used for the same. This information is mainly for the beginners who haven’t had the experience before. Do not forget to carry fuel or else getting food will be a cumbersome task.
  • Choose a camping site that has a rivulet nearby. Melting snow to get water is a common thing people are bound to do in Dayara because streams usually streams frozen, especially during winters. So, choosing a camping location wisely would be of great help.
  • Carrying a first aid kid is a must as injuries are unpredictable and can be anticipated because of the rough terrains. You could also get bitten by insects which would require immediate attention. Thus, a first aid kit well stocked with Band-Aids, ointments and medicines should be carried everywhere you go.
  • There could be dearth of electricity in some places, so it is advisable for the people to carry their portable chargers along with them. Make sure it is fully charged before you pack it in your backpack.
  • If an emergency lands and you need to visit the hospital, you would need to travel to the town of Uttarkashi. 102 is the number you need to dial for any medical emergencies on road. Availability of petrol pumps is the town of Uttarkashi, after which there is no sign of any.
  • Waste bags should be carried by you only to dispose them in Uttarkashi as there is no place to do that while on the trek.

What are the items you need to carry for this trek?

For experts, this may sound very obvious but for those who are willing to go for trekking for the very first time need to make it a point to carry all the necessary items required for this trek. Following are the items that you are advised to carry for Dayara Bugyal Trek:

  • Backpack and boots
  • Trekking Gaiter
  • Trekking Pole
  • Trek pants
  • Sunglasses and Hand gloves
  • Dry frits
  • Whistle

These are the few items that are a must if you are looking forward to an expedition. Apart from that, it is needless to mention that you need to carry woolen garments, full sleeve t-shirts and thermal inner in order to keep yourself warm in the icy cold weather and also to protect yourself for catching cold amidst all the snow.