yoga poses for kids

8 Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga is a form of exercise that affects both the body and the mind. In fact, some yoga techniques have the capacity to cure chronic diseases such as asthma and diabetes.

Getting your kids to do yoga from an early age may reap benefits for them later. Some yoga poses for kids help their growth in general.

Yoga poses help children’s standing posture problems that can be correct by taking mountain poses. There are several other yoga poses that are specifically done for children such as the following.

1. Hand to Foot Pose

Your child can sit with their legs stretched out straight in front of them. Ask them to hold their toes without bending their knees. This is a yoga asana that trains muscle stretching.

This pose is very good as it helps your kids to grow taller and improves blood circulation in the body as well.

2. Butterfly Pose

Allow the child to sit on the mat or on the floor with his legs outstretched. Then fold the legs in so that the legs are facing each other.

Butterfly pose can create a pleasant feeling for stretching exercises on the thigh muscles.

3. Mountain Pose

Make your child stand up straight with his hands above his head. This pose can improve concentration in children, balance the body and also improve their posture defects.


4. Cobra Pose

Ask your child to lie down with his stomach on the floor then lift his upper body by weighting his body on his arms like a push up.

This yoga asana can strengthen a child’s spinal cord and also increase flexibility. In addition, this pose also helps digest food faster.

5. Goose Pose

Children will usually be happy with this pose because it imitates a swan and flies away. Lay your child on his lower abdomen, then fold his legs up to his knees and allow your child to lift his upper body with his arms to support the weight. Make sure the child looks up at the sky.

This pose can promote good blood circulation and make your child more alert.

6. Dog Pose Looking Down

Make your child crawl like a dog with his head bent down. Besides being fun, this pose can increase blood circulation and strengthen the neck.

7. Triangle Pose

You can also try this pose with your child. Stand up and spread your legs wide, place your arms horizontally and then bend over to one side to touch your ankles. This yoga pose helps to keep the child’s chest broad and also stimulates the abdominal organs to function properly.

8. Woodchopper Pose

Ask the child to stand with legs spread apart. Raise his hands above his head and join the palms like a ‘namaste’. This can help reduce the risk of stress in your baby.