Soon reach Dayara Top with Motor Paragliding

November 01, 2022 – Good news for those unable to trek. Now, Tourists can take an aerial tour of the Himalayas and Dayara Bugyal by motor paragliding. On Gram Panchayat Natin, the Himalayan Aero Sports Association (Hasa) has successfully tested motor paragliding in Nateen village, after which the work of finding land here according to the standards of motor paragliding has started.

Many tourists visit Dayara Bugyal (Green Meadows) every year; located at an altitude of 11 thousand feet above sea level, many tourists cannot reach the bugyal due to the 9 km walk from the road and the steep trek. Keeping such tourists in mind, Gram Panchayat Natin has taken the initiative to make the village a paragliding hub.

Village head Natin Mahendra Pokhriyal said there are limitless possibilities for paragliding in their village. To bring these possibilities to the ground, the Himalayan Aero Sports Association has successfully conducted motor paragliding trials in this area.


If paragliding starts, tourists can see the Himalayan peaks, including Kush Kalyan, Jaurai Bugyal, Sahastratal, Khedtal, and Dayara Bugyal. Vinay Singh, Secretary of Himalayan Aero Sports Association, said that after successful trials, a 200-meter diameter land would be taken on lease for motor paragliding, after which motor paragliding will start here in about a year.

Will Reach Dayara Bugyal in 30 Minutes

Once it’s started, It will just take half an hour to do Dayara’s Deedar from the take-off point of motor paragliding which is suggested to be built in Natin village. However, tourists will not be able to land in Dayara and will have to return to Natin village after an aerial tour of Dayara. HASA Secretary Vinay Singh said that due to the restrictions of the eco-sensitive zone, tourists would only be given an aerial view of Dayara Bugyal, and they would be allowed to take photos and videography.