All suspension bridges including Laxman Jhula to be Inspected after Gujarat Accident

November 01, 2022 – DGP Ashok Kumar has given instructions to check the condition of suspension bridges in all the districts of Uttarakhand after the suspension bridge incident in Gujarat. Said that the movement should be allowed only after the test report of technical experts related to the bridges is positive. Action will be taken if there is any movement on the bridges which have been closed.

Swing bridges are used for movement at many places in the state. Some of them are old, while many are new. Last year, the Laxman Jhula bridge of Rishikesh was closed due to being weak and very old.


The DGP said that he had instructed all the district police that the condition of the suspension bridges should be thoroughly investigated. The technical report submitted to the administration regarding these bridges should also be reviewed. Rishikesh’s Laxman Jhula bridge is old. Here instructions have been given to be extra vigilant.