Valley of Flowers

Valley of Flowers Closed for Winters

November 01, 2022 – The World Heritage Valley of Flowers has been closed for tourists on Monday for the winter. After the pandemic, this year, record-breaking tourists arrived in the Valley of World Heritage Flowers. So far, 20,827 domestic and foreign tourists have visited the Valley.

This year the Valley has set a new record for the highest number of tourists, with 280 foreign tourists. The forest department has so far earned an income of 31 lakhs. The previous record was 17424 tourists in 2019. The collection was Rs 27,60,825. The Valley of Flowers was closed to tourists on Monday for winter.

This year 20,827 tourists visited the Valley, including 280 foreign tourists. This is the highest record of tourists reaching the Valley so far. Spread over 87.5 sq km, the Valley of Flowers is world famous for its colorful flowers and natural beauty.

The slopes here attract tourists. The Valley was opened for tourists on June 1.


More than 300 species bloom in the Valley from July to October. Many flowers like Pototilla, Primula, Anemone, Erissima, Ammonite, Blue Poppy, Mars Mary Gold, Brahma Kamal, and Fan Kamal bloom here.

The Valley has a wealth of rare species of fauna, flora, and herbs. The world of butterflies also lives here, having different types of flowers.

Musk deer, Monal, Himalayan black bear, Guldar, and Snow leopard are also seen in this Valley.