har ki dun trek

Har Ki Dun Trek – A Complete Guide

Har ki Dun trek – A splendid experience!

Himalayan regions are filled with trekking trails which makes us realize the importance of nature in our lives and what we are without nature. Trekking is the most enjoyable and unforgettable things in one’s life which they do for themselves and the essence always remains in your life. Adventure lovers come to Uttarakhand to explore the calming and untouched beauty of mountains which is hard to find in the cities. One of the most famous treks in the Himalayan valleys of Uttarakhand is the Har Ki Dun Trek.

About the Har ki Dun Trek

Har Ki Dun Trek is the cradle shaped valley and one of the most famous and best trekking spot of Uttarakhand. Har Ki Dun Trek is so beautiful that people call it the stairways to Heaven. The trek starts from the Dehradun city, so you need to reach there and reaching Dehradun is quite easy as this city is well connected by major railways and airport to major cities. There are numerous buses which will take you to Dehradun from Delhi in 6-8 hours.

The Har Ki Dun Trek is in the bucket list of almost all trekking enthusiast and adventure lovers. While being on this trek, you can view some of the most picturesque views of the Himalayas. You will see some beautiful mountain range Black peak, Bandarpoonch and Swargarohini-I, II & III (all three at the same time). Imagine the feeling you will get at that time.

If you are a beginner then you are recommended not to try this trek as this trek requires ample knowledge of handling the situations while trekking. But let it be in your bucket list, prepare for it and then you can do the trekking.

In your trek route, you will explore ancient villages, moraine ridges, glaciers, meadows, mountain peaks, and forests.

Location of the trek

Har Ki Dun Trek is located in Uttarakhand. The journey of the trek begins from Dehradun and Dehradun has good connectivity with other major cities via railways and airways. You can take a train or flight to reach Dehradun or you can just reach Delhi and take a bus from there. The bus from Delhi takes 7-8 hours to reach Dehradun. After you reach Dehradun city, you have to take a ride to Sankri. Sankri is the place from where the trek will begin.

The altitude of the trek: 3810 meters/ 12,000 Feet.

Level of the trek

This trek is of easy to moderate difficulty level. Still, the routes are not basic and that is why beginners or unprofessional trekkers do not opt for this trek. This is a demanding trek, so you need to be professional or a regular trekker to do this trek. The trek trail makes it difficult, challenging and though. The highest altitude of the trek is about 12000 feet which is quite high.

Best time to visit

The weather for this trek is suitable all around the year except monsoon. People coming in different season will experience the different beauty of the mountains and trails. In the winter season that is from December to April, you will witness the white beauty of the mountains because of snow. In the spring season, you will see the majestic views of valleys bloomed with flowers, lush green forests and scattered snow. The average temperature of the range is low (1°C to 5°C). So, according to your convenience and choice, you can choose the month of the year in which you want to do this trek.

Details of the Har ki Dun trek Itinerary

Dehradun to Sankri

The distance you have to cover is 210 km which will take around 10 hours. By road, you will cover the distance. Sankri is a beautiful village on the hill. In this route, you will have an amazing sight of Naugaon, Jarmola, Nainbagh, Purola, and Rubin Paas. You can rest in Sankri and from next day you will be headed towards another destination.

Sankri –Taluka- Puani Garaat

The distance between Sankri and Taluka is 12 km which you will have to cover by road. Then after reaching Taluka your trek of 13 km will start which will end at PuaniGaraat. This is the first trek of this trail which is easy going. While trekking you will witness beautiful forests. You can set up your camp to take some rest.

Puani Garaat to Kalkatiyadhar

Puani Garaat to Kalkatiyadhar is a 7 km trek which will take around 6 hours. In this trial, you will pass by a beautiful village named Osla which is located at 8800 feet above the sea level. This trek is also not difficult, you will have a leisure walk after Osla village. You will also see the Confluence of Ruinsara and Supin rivers while going upward. At your campsite, you can take rest in Kalkatiyadhar.


Kalkatiyadhar to Har-ki-Dun

This is a short distance trek of 4 km but involves some steep sections. You will have to cross multiple streams in this trek. It will take around 5 hours to reach Har-ki-Dun. After reaching Har-ki-Dun, you can set up your camp near the forest huts. The view from this location is gorgeous and you will fall in love with this place.

Har-ki- Dun exploration

One day is given to explore the beautiful Har-ki- Dun. You will be resting in the arms of nature. You can visit nearby for sightseeing and capturing the views of the peaks. You can also visit Malinda tal, a lake which is located nearby the campsite of the Har-ki-Dun.

Har-Ki-Dun to Puani Garaat

Now the trek will begin to bring you back to the location of the starting point. Har-Ki-Dun to Puan iGaraat is an 11 km trek and it takes around 6-7 hours to go downward. After you reach Puani Garaat, you can explore the surrounding and take rest.

Puani Garaat to Taluka

From Puani Garaat you will trek 13 km to Taluka following the same route.

Taluka to Sankri

The distance from Taluka to Sankri is 12 km which is covered by road.

Sankri to Dehradun

You will be driving back to Dehradun city covering 210 km. And your beautiful trekking journey will come to an end.

Things to Carry

You will need the following things for your trekking journey;

  • A backpack which will have all your necessities.
  • A rain cover because the temperature is unpredictable at this height.
  • Good-quality trekking shoes which must be durable.
  • Snacks: Energy bars and protein bars are the best to give you instant energy.
  • Medical kit: Personal medical is a must for this journey which will contain the basic first-aid stuff and some medicines. It is recommended to take medicines for upset stomach, headache, cold and cough, dizziness and vomiting.
  • Suitable clothes: At this height where the temperature is low and you will experience the chilling cold you need to take clothes that are windproof and waterproof. Any other cloth will not help you except these and winter clothes. Thermal innerwear, winter jacket, waterproof coat, woolen socks and gloves, t-shirts, track pants, and Heavy fleece clothes are advised to bring.
  • A bag with all your toiletries.
  • Extra accessories: Sunglass, torch, trekking stick, swiss knife, crampons, sleeping bag, sleeping liner and similar items required while trekking.
  • Avoid packing sports shoes, shorts and jeans, you will be going to the Himalayas and these stuff will only increase the weight of your bag. Trek pants and joggers will help you.

Things to do during Har Ki Dun Trek

  • Camping: With no doubt, camping is the best thing which is done on any trek. Har Ki Dun trekking is famous for camping activities. After having an exhausting hiking day, ending up with camping will pump up the fuel in your body. Camping under the stars on the snow-capped mountains is one of the best experience in life. At your camps, you will enjoy the tea, coffee, and meals.
  • Born fire: Camping will look incomplete without some Born fire activities. You will enjoy the Born fire at a beautiful location.
  • Exploring ancient villages: While trekking across the Har Ki Dun valley, you will see the beautiful architecture of old huts and the ancient villages. You can visit these villages and explore the beauty.
  • Walking on the ice-clad mountains: If you are visiting the valley in winter season then you can just simply walk around the snow after your camp set up.

Total expense: This trek would cost you around INR 10,000- INR 12,000.

Permissions and Permits

You need to take the permission of the Indian Mountaineering Foundation (IMF) to allow you to trek in the Himalayan range. The permits will make your journey smooth. It takes 24 hours to issue the permit to the trekkers. It is important to take permits because the Indian Mountaineering Foundation is the one who will allow you to enter in a certain region in India.

Trekkers need to carry their ID proof and a medical certificate which will ensure that you are fit for the trekking. Non-Indian trekkers can keep their passport as their ID proof.

Other connectivity

ATM: The last ATM point is at Purola. So, keep some cash with yourself.

Phone signals: After Purola till Sankari the phone signal will become weak and at the height, you will not receive the phone signal. So, if you need to make any important call make it before Purola.

Tips and Tricks

  • Double your hydration: At high altitude, you might suffer altitude sickness. Best way to deal with the altitude sickness is keeping your body hydrated. So double the intake of water 2 days before starting your journey.
  • Choose larger shoe: Choose a shoe which is half the number larger than your regular size.
  • Wear a double layer of socks: to avoid sore fingers and blisters at the end of the trek, wear a double layer of socks.
  • Carry plastic waterproof bags: To keep your gadgets safe like a camera and mobile phone you need to carry plastic waterproof bags.
  • Maintain the rhythm of walking: Do not walk too slow or too fast. Maintaining a natural rhythm of walking will help you.