dashrath ka danda trek

Dashrath Ka Danda Trek – A Complete Guide

Dashrath ka Danda Trek is a popular trek in Uttarakhand. This trek is popularly known for a weekend getaway and short trek in Rishikesh. This trek is majorly covered by people who want a short break from their daily life, adventure lovers, trekking enthusiast and most importantly by the neophytes. Among the new learner, this trek is famous because it is the best way to start with the trekking journey and learn the basics of trekking. Dashrath ka Danda Trek provides a distinctive introduction of the Himalayas to the new learners, possibly a best trek to learn and explore about the adventures of Himalaya

About the Dashrath ka Danda Trek

Dashrath ka Danda Trek is a small 3-day trek ideal for people who want a short getaway from routine life and add some adventure to their life. Dashrath ka Danda Trek is located in the Tehri Garhwal district of Uttrakhand in Rishikesh. For this trek, you need to stay in Rishikesh. You need to reach Rishikesh and from there drive to Pavki Devi temple. There are numerous ways to reach Rishikesh from Delhi. You can choose the mode of conveyance according to your choice.

The trek starts from Pavki Devi temple and ends at Ranakot Meadow. Bringing joy in life is something that all of us crave for, and trekking is one of the ways to bring joy and happiness in our lives and feel connected with Mother Nature.

In this trek, you will witness the beautiful confluence of holy river Alaknanda and Bhagirathi. In your route, you will see wild animals, a thick forest of pine, oak and rhododendron and beautiful villages on your way. You will see the majestic Himalayan peaks like Chaukhamba, Trisul, Banderpunchh, and Nanda Devi covered with snow. The gorgeous view of the mountains and open sky is just amazing.

The story behind the name of this place

It is very much clear from the name of the trek that this place has some connection with the King Dashrath of famous Ramayana. You might have heard a story about King Dashrath and Shravan Kumar. This place is associated with that story. It is said that King Dashrath hit the Shravan Kumar by his arrow by mistake when he was near the river. The parents of Shravan Kumar were blind and he went near the river to bring some water for his parents. To that hit, Shravan Kumar died here and hence this place is called as Dashrath Ka Danda. The place where Shravan Kumar died is known as NoliDhara.

You can visit some old marks related to King Dashrath and learn about history related to them. You can also visit KhetuTappad, a place where parents of Shravan Kumar stayed. You can interact with the locals and you will find out more interesting stories related to this place and that will be fun.

Location of the Dashrath ka Danda trek

Dashrath ka Danda Trek is located in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand in the region of Rishikesh. 

Altitude: The maximum altitude of this trek is 2750 meter above sea level.

Level of the Dashrath ka Danda trek

Since Dashrath Ka Danda Trek is recommended for new trekkers who are in the learning phase, the trek is not so challenging and considered easy to moderate. Ideal for people who love exploring new places and stories behind that place.

Best time to take the Dashrath ka Danda trek

You can visit this trek at any time of the year. Avoid traveling in monsoon as it can cause difficulties in trekking and camping. So the best time to visit is from April to June and Mid- September to March.

If you plan this trek in the month of December / January that is Pausha month according to Hindu calendar, then you can see the celebration done in the Pavki Devi temple to perform Hariyali puja. It will be a great experience if you see these rituals.


How to reach?

Reach Rishikesh: You can take Flight, Train or Bus from Delhi to reach Rishikesh. It is very easy to reach Rishikesh from Delhi, it takes around 7-8 hours by road to reach there.

If you are in another city you can take flight or train to reach there. The details of the transportation are mention below. You can choose one according to your situation.

  • Flight: You can take the flight to Dehradun (Jolly Grant airport) because Dehradun is the nearest Airport to Rishikesh. All the major cities are connected to Dehradun through airways. Also, it will take less time to reach. From Dehradun, you can take a taxi or public transport to Rishikesh, which is approximately 35 kilometers away.
  • Train: Haridwar is the nearest railway station to Rishikesh, which is at a distance of 25 kilometers. You can check train connectivity between Delhi to Haridwar and book one according to your convenience. After reaching Haridwar, you can hire a private taxi or take a public bus. It will take around 30-45 minute to reach Rishikesh from Haridwar, depending upon the vehicle you take.
  • Bus: Rishikesh is a popular tourist destination, hence, there is a good bus connectivity network from Delhi to Rishikesh. Buses depart for Rishikesh from Kashmere Gate ISBT, New Delhi; both in the morning and in the evening. You can avail bus option according to your choice from a regular, deluxe or a luxurious coach. You can choose between AC buses and Non-AC buses, as both the options are available.
  • By Road: You can also choose the driving option from Delhi to Rishikesh. You can drive your own car or hire a taxi to reach Rishikesh. National Highway 58 connects Delhi to Rishikesh. So you can take that route as the condition of the road is pretty good in almost every month. It takes approximately 7-8 hours to reach Rishikesh via road.

After you have arrived Rishikesh, you can take a taxi or public transport to reach Pavki Devi temple and from there you can start your trekking journey.

Details of the trek

Dashrath ka Danda Trek is a 3-day long trek and covers trekking distance of 24 km. The details of the trek route are given:

Rishikesh to Pavki Devi Temple

After reaching Rishikesh, take some rest and start your journey early in the morning to reach Pavki Devi Temple. You will be covering this journey by road which is 50 km and it will take around 2 hours to reach there. You can hire a taxi or take local transport to reach Pavki Devi Temple. By passing through the route, you will see local villages and beautiful scenery of the Himalayas.

Pavki Devi temple is one of the Shakti peeth, dedicated to Goddess Sati and every year many devotees come to this temple. This temple is known as Vageshwari Devi temple. It is believed that the right foot of the Goddess Sati fell at this location.

Pavki Devi Temple to Base camp

From Pavki Devi Temple your trekking journey will start. It is an 8km trek. By evening you will reach to your base camp. You will stay there overnight and explore the surrounding. In the trekking route, you will see the diversity of flora and fauna which enhances the beauty of the Majestic Himalayas.

Base camp to Ranakot Meadow

Ranakot Meadow is the summit point of this trek. After waking up at the base camp you will see the breathtaking sunrise and a beautiful view of the Himalayas. All around 360 degrees, everywhere is mountains and peaks, this is truly gorgeous. After leaving the camp, you will be doing a trek of 12 km. In the trekking route, you will walk through beautiful Pine & Rhododendron forest which is a completely a different feeling. By the afternoon you will reach the Ranakot Meadow and spend the night in the camp. Enjoy the camp under the stars.

Ranakot to Rishikesh

To come back to the Rishikesh there are two routes. One is the same route which you have followed to reach the summit point. Another route is a small trek to the Ranakot village, which is known as the ideal village of the Tehri Garhwal. People usually follow the other route to explore more in their trekking journey. If you follow another route, it is a 4 km trek to the village and you reach there by afternoon. From the village, you can take a taxi to reach Rishikesh which is 80 km away.

Accommodation options

You will have to find accommodation in Rishikesh. As many accommodation options of the different range are available in Rishikesh. Also, you will find conveyance easily from there to reach the Pavki Devi temple.

Other facilities

  • There is no food option available near the trek.
  • There you will find no ATM, so bring some cash from Rishikesh itself.

Other activities you can include with the Dashrath ka Danda trek

Along with including the Dashrath Ka Danda trek in your list, you can also add other adventure activities if you have time and want to make your journey more adventurous by exploring fun activities.

  • Adventurous activities: You can do Flying Fox, Bungee Jumping, Air Safari, Zipline, Kayaking, and Quad Bike Adventure in Rishikesh.
  • River Rafting: River rafting is very popular in Rishikesh. You can book some package which along with rafting, also includes one-night camping also near the bank of the river Ganges.
  • Boat Ride: Through road, you can see the city with only one angle, try boat ride in Rishikesh to see the area from different angles.
  • Visit the Neer Garh Waterfall: From the LaxmanJhula Bridge, Neer Garh Waterfall is located at a distance of 5km. Visit there and take a plunge in the water to take a natural shower or just sit there to relax.
  • Relax along the bank of the river: If you do not want to indulge yourself in any kind of adventurous activity, you can simply sit and relax along the banks of the River Ganges. Spending time in nature’s harmony is very relaxing.
  • Watch the Ganga Arti: Ganga Arti is done along the ghat. Witnessing this beautiful ritual is fascinating. The golden light of diyas, their image in the water and the mantras are all you need to set your evening.

Tips and tricks

  • Always check the weather before planning your trip.
  • Do not forget to keep your personal medical kit with you. It should include basic first-aid stuff and some medicines for headache, cold and cough, upset stomach, and vomiting.
  • Do not pack your sports shoes for trekking as it will not help you. Trekking requires appropriate shoes.
  • Do double check with your trekking equipment like a torch, swiss knife, walking poles and many more.
  • Hydrate yourself frequently while trekking. Hydration will save you from feeling altitude sickness.