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Best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations In Rishikesh

A wedding is incomplete without a photographer, A photographer not only just capture moment but he freeze all of the emotions associated with those moments. Now a days Pre wedding shoot is in trend and It’s getting more popular day by day among couples.

If asked,

Which location is best for pre wedding shoot ?

I believe a place covered with lush green grass, mountains, river, peace, sunrise / sunset, waterfall, beach. The only place with all these blessing is Rishikesh. So, Rishikesh is a perfect pre wedding shoot location in India.


Lets explore few places that can set a wonder in the background of your pre-wedding shoot in Rishikesh which you might appreciate for a lifetime,

Lakshman Jhula

Lakshman Jhula at Rishikesh

I’ll prefer Lakshman Jhula over Ram Jhula as government has declared it too old and closed it for traffic. There is no Entry Free and you can go here anytime.

How to reach, It’s easy. Just ask anyone in Rishikesh.

Patna Waterfall

Patna Waterfall at Rishikesh

Simply Beautiful, The only drawback of this place is that you have to Trek for around 1Km. If you want to avoid trekking then there is a small waterfall just at the starting of this trek on the main road. There is No Entry free. You have to finish your shoot before sunset.

How to reach, Just 2km from Garud Chatti towards Neelkanth Temple. If you are coming by Public Transport then you have to take Taxi from Lakshman Jhula or Ram Jhula.


Phoolchatti at Rishikesh

Situated at the picture scenic confluence of the Ganga and Huel River covered with mountains and a wooden bridge, Beautiful sunset. Phoolchatti is perfect for a pre wedding photo shoot. There is No Entry Fee and you can go here anytime but I’ll advice not to go too late, till 9:00 PM is okay but after that is not advisable.


How to reach, This place is very near to Patna Waterfall and You can easily reach here by your own vehicle or taxi.

NOTE: We have a resort at phoolchatti with camps and cottages at very reasonable price. You can call us at +91 9718200365 to book your stay in advance.


This is basically a canal road with some stunning views, Good for sunrise clicks. This canal road connects rishikesh and haridwar. Entry free will be charged @ Rs 50/ per person by forest officials before entering this canal road.

How to reach, You have to go to rishikesh bairaj near AIIMS (All India Institute Of Medical Sciences).


Byasi at Rishikesh

This place is quite crowded and famous among couples because of its white sand beach, You can shoot some really good photographs here. Amazing Sunset and The Suspension Bridge will make your day. There is no Entry Fee.

How to Reach, You have to take Rishikesh – Badrinath Highway.

NOTE: We have Luxury Camps available at Byasi with private beach and on the bank of Ganga River opposite Taj Hotel, You have to cross ganga river by raft to reach there, For more details you can call us at, +91 9718200365.

Beatles Ashram

A Big NO, This place appears dead to me. I have added Beatles Ashram also known as Chaurasi Kutiya to this list but I’ll not recommend this place for a pre wedding shoot. Yes, this place have Entry Fee and may be cover charges for camera.