PUBG Fan ? A PUBG Themed Pre-Wedding Shoot ?

You must have heard about PUBG mobile game, may be you have not played it, but you must have seen your friends going crazy for this game. PUBG has become a popular mobile video game in a very short span of time. The craze for this game can be gauged from the fact that people used to remove other mobile apps like facebook, instagram to download this game, They use to get lost in this game .

The size of PUBG game app is more than 1 GB. People are so crazy about this game that they are also getting PUBG pre-wedding photoshoots done. I’ll tell you how this PUBG pre-wedding photoshoot can be done.


The first requirement for this photoshoot is that of a studio. A photoshoot will be done in the studio and later photographs will be edited to PUBG Game theme. Now a days PUBG pre-wedding photoshoot of couples are getting quite popular on social media.


In this photoshoot, the couple is shown as the character of the game, although in the game you are alone, but due to pre-wedding photoshoot, the couple is being shown in it.

The outfits and props used in photoshoot are similar to that of PUBG game. These type of photos are shot by Professional Photographers. PUBG game has been downloaded more than 10 million times from Google Play-Store.

PUBG Mobile Game Pre-Wedding Shoot