Patna Waterfall in Rishikesh

Have you seen the famous Hollywood movie “Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid (2004)”? You must have noticed the scene of the waterfall where they find orchids and anacondas. Every time I visit Patna Waterfall it reminds me of that movie scene.

One of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls of Rishikesh, Located just 5Km from The Iconic Lakshman Jhula on Neelanth Road in Rishikesh.

The Waterfall is named after Patna Village, this waterfall originates from this village.

Myths About Patna Waterfall

Before writing this post I saw a few posts on Patna Waterfall, Many of them were misleading. Just to correct them and to avoid any confusion just check these points,

  • This waterfall is alive round the year. (This is completely false that during summer there is no water.)
  • You can visit this waterfall anytime before dark. (You simply can’t visit this place after dark because of wildlife present).
  • There are enough Shops around Waterfall. (This is not true that there is no shop around the waterfall.)
  • There is no entry fee. (No entry fee is required, 100% Free for both Indians and Foreigners).
  • You can’t fly drones, this place comes under the judicial boundaries of Rajaji National Park. (No, permission will be granted to fly a drone as this place comes under reserve forest, If found you have to face legal consequences).

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

How to reach Patna Waterfall?

Located just 5km from Lakshman Jhula and 2km from Garudchatti Bridge. 1 Km Off the main road (Neelkanth Road). You can hire a taxi from Lakshman Jhula taxi stand (The one in front of Bombay Guest House), You can hire a two-wheeler (Scooty or Bike), You can drive your own vehicle, You can also choose to walk (Beautiful trail along Ganga River).

How to much it cost to hire a taxi till Patna Waterfall?

Hiring a Taxi to this place costs Rs 500/ one-sided taxi (Bollero, Max, Sumo). You can also opt for a shared taxi by a simple trick, Ask for a seat till Neelkanth Temple at the Taxi stand which will cost you not more than Rs 100, ask the driver to drop you at Waterfall instead of Neelkanth Temple.

Can I fly drone at Patna waterfall?

No, you can’t. This place comes under the boundaries of Rajaji National Park and flying drone is strictly prohibited in this area.

What is the best time to visit Patna waterfall?

You can plan your visit anytime around the year, remember not to visit this place after sunset because of the wildlife moment in the area.

Which is the best shop at Patna Waterfall?

All the shops at the waterfall are good, If you are looking for the best then ask for the shop of “Satender Kaka“. Just try a cup of black tea there.