07 Things to do in Lansdowne

Lansdowne is one of the unspoiled hill stations of India and is very much popular since Britishers to India. The stunning hill station attracts numerous wanderers to pack their bags hit the station owing to its opulent surroundings which have an essence of the British regal era. It is considered the eccentric hill station where you can rejuvenate your senses by engaging yourself in numerous activities that this place offers. The best way to explore this beautiful place is on foot to explore its true beauty. The place is not only famous for its beauty and quietness but also has many old buildings of British colonial architecture and military history.  There are many activities to enjoy here; we have listed for you 07 things to do in Lansdowne:

Camping in Lansdowne

Camping – Overnight Camping in Lansdowne is one of the best things to do. Spending the mornings welcomed by the cheerful sun rays will make your day as the outdoors have always had its own charm. The hill station is bestowed with nature’s awesomeness as well as inherent charisma with all mystic surroundings. Camping in Lansdowne will undoubtedly leave you enchanted, especially plan out riverside camping in the lap of nature with your friends as it will give you the most enthralling experiences.

Nature Walk in Lansdowne

Nature Walk – Exploring Lansdowne on foot is one of the best ways to soak in the beauty of this beautiful hill station. There can be no other place which is as pure and peaceful as Lansdowne because it is the closest to nature. The site is perfect for nature lovers as here they can enjoy the scenic beauty of snow-covered Himalayan surroundings. To rejuvenate yourself just take a silent nature walking and indulge yourself in the lap of nature. Hill station is covered with thick green forests which will give you relaxation from your daily life routine. The hill station is popular among the newly married couples as you can spend a peaceful time with your partner walking hand in hand amid nature.

Bird Watching in Lansdowne

Bird Watching – Bird watching is also one of the best things to do in Lansdowne owing to its close proximity to Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is an abode to about 600 diverse species of migratory as well as resident birds and which makes almost 6 percent of total bird species worldwide. You can enjoy bird watching here, and thus the place is counted as an ideal place for bird lovers. Many travelers visit this hill station to adore these beautiful bird species and love to spot them. One of the best sights here is the sky filled with colorful birds along with the sound of their wings flapping. You should not miss the songs echoing the distant jungles as it will fill your heart with calmness and love for nature.

Trekking in Lansdowne

TrekkingTrekking enthusiasts describe this beautiful hill station as a haven as it offers ample opportunities for hiking. You can indulge in many simple treks here that last for about an hour. You can also enjoy treks which continue for a couple of days too. The best part of Lansdowne is its untouched beauty and the opportunities to enjoy trekking. One of the preferred trekking routes in Lansdowne is the Tip-n- Top point where you can enjoy trek amid the wildness of surrounding forest and hills. Trek is the perfect option for people who want to experience a panoramic view of Himalayan ranges. Avoid taking trek routes in landslide-prone areas.

Boating at Lansdowne

Boating – Boating is one of the best activities to enjoy in Lansdowne specially Bhula Lake. Boat Ride at Bhula Lake in Lansdowne is what will make your trip memorable.Bhula Lake also known as Bhula Tal is an artificial Lake which is created in a very peaceful arena. A traveler from all over India visits this lake to admire its loveliness and slowly drift in the waters. There are many paddling boats available here which are quite affordable and well maintained. The beauty of this lake lies in the small ridge which stands on the Bhula Lake and which presents outstanding views of the surroundings. Boating is known as one of the best activities to do in Lansdowne especially for kids and couples who want to enjoy the company in calm waters along with soaking in warmth and tranquility of the lake.

Jungle Safari in Lansdowne

Jungle Safari – Lansdowne is very popular among adventure enthusiasts for its adventurous jungle safari. This beautiful hill station is all surrounded by thick oak trees as well as blue pine woods and which makes this place ideal for those who want thrilling experience amid the glory of wildlife and nature. Jungle Safari in Lansdowne is something that you should not miss, which are organized by many tour operators here. Jungle safari experience will offer you a chance to catch a glimpse of a range of wildlife along with their natural habitat. Lans Castle organizes a one day tour which includes Jungle safari to Corbett National park and surely which will make your day.

Shopping & Dine at Lansdowne

Shopping and Dine – This beautiful hill station not only offers picturesque views and lush greenery but is also the perfect place to visit for shopping lovers. It is the best opportunity for people who love to shop especially for unique handicrafts and trinkets. However, there are limited shopping options in Lansdowne, but the place has its own specialty goods which you should not miss out. Visiting the hill station and not trying the local Garhwali cuisine will make you miss out the most fantastic thing here. You should try out tasty local delicacies and which is one of the must to do things in Lansdowne. Treat yourself with a variety of local dishes; you can also enjoy some sweet dishes too which will make your day for sure.

No doubt, Lansdowne is the perfect place to enjoy a soulful vacation, which is away from, the daily hustle and bustle of life. Visit this place to explore the untouched charm which will surely leave you captivated. Don’t miss out above listed 07 things to do in Lansdowne, which will make your trip more exciting and soothing.