white water rafting in uttarakhand

White Water Rafting in Uttarakhand : Where to go?

Adventure lovers have always gone to new limits to quench their thirst for thrill. Youngsters are experimenting their stamina, ability and interest every day. The lust for thrill and adventure has compelled humans to develop adventurous sports which give adrenaline rush in the body and enthrall one beyond measures. Not to forget that all these adventure sports include in them the risk factor to different extents. Even the soft adventure sports like trekking require the body to be fit and mind to be prepared for the adventure. White water rafting in Uttarakhand is just the perfect dose of thrill and adventure, which you will definitely enjoy.

Best Places for White Water Rafting in Uttarakhand

Rafting is an adventure sport fascinating a large number of people these days. Rafting is a recreational activity in using inflatable raft for the purpose of traversing through a river or any other water body. White water rafting in Uttarakhand is just river based rafting. Practiced commercially, rafting is the most loved water based activity. White water is formed when rivers fall down the slope in great speed and generate great turbulence resulting in air getting trapped in water and the frothy water seems to be white. Rafting could be done on white water or varying degrees of wild or rough water.

When Rafting is done on frothy white water we call it white water rafting. One needs to be mentally prepared and physically fit in order to undertake rafting expedition. Often white water rafting requires the rafters to be trained. White water rafting in Uttarakhand offers the adventure lovers to reach new heights of adventure and thrill.

Often we see pictures or videos of people on an inflatable raft with oars and rowing their raft as fast as possible through violent waves and rocky water bodies. The sight itself enthralls us and tempts us to undertake this adventure at least once in life. No doubt it seems cool and adventurous but the water based activity involves risk factors and requires physically fit adventure lovers.

Grades in Rafting

First white water rafting was done on Snake River situated in Wyoming in 1811. White water rafting is an extreme sport involving various levels of dangers and difficulties. Must mention here, the sport can cause serious injuries or even potential deaths in certain conditions. There are 6 classes of the grades of rivers, depending on the difficulety and challenge they offer to the rafters-

1) Class 1 – This class requires basic level rafting skills in which rafting is done on quite small yet rough areas.

2) Class 2 – Rafting on rough water having rocks and requiring some maneuvering & basic paddling skills falls in this class.

3) Class 3 – In this class, the water has small waves and significant maneuvering is required but there is no danger.

4) Class 4 – In this class there are medium waves and also a possibility of drops and rocks. One requires sharp maneuvering and experience in rafting for this.

5) Class 5 – This class includes rafting adventures involving large waves, white water, large rocks and chances of large drops. This involves hazard and you must be a master in river rafting for pursuing this grade.

6) Class 6 – These rapids are exceptionally dangerous and considered unnavigable and non-reliable. There is substantial white water, enormous waves and rocks, substantial drops and very high risk factor


Uttrakhand: The place for some fun in the Rapids

Uttarakhand being a state blessed with fast flowing rivers descending from Himalayas provides some spectacular rafting opportunities. White water rafting in Uttarakhand has a separate fan base. It is an extreme sport indulging more and more numbers of ardent fans each day.

White water rafting in Uttarakhand is a must to do thing if you have lust for adventure and thrill. The plus point about white water rafting in Uttarakhand is that here you can find rapids ranging from grade 1 to 5. A person can develop rafting skills in Uttarakhand by beginning to raft on rapids of class 1 and can go further to tough rafting stretches up to grade 5. There are numerous white water rafting spots in Uttarakhand but we are going to talk about Ganga river, Tons river, Yamuna river, Alaknanda river and Bhagirathi river only.

Ganga River

River Ganga has one of the most significant sections for white water rafting in Uttarakhand. The 36 km long section reserved for white water rafting begins from kaudiyala and ends at the Ram jhoola located in Rishikesh. The flow of water is subtle and this is one of the most preferred spots for white water rafting in Uttarakhand.
The ideal time to undertake white water rafting adventure on river Ganga in Uttarakhand is between October and March. Although there are few stretches doable after march as well but the prime time begins from late October and ends in March only. Rafting of classes from 1 to 5 can be done on this section of the river. Which implies that this section of the river has varying behavior and roughness at different distances making different grades of rafting feasible on it?

River Yamuna

River Yamuna in Uttarakhand offers two stretches for white water rafting. While one of the two stretches is around 20 km long, beginning from Nainbagh and ending at Juddo.
Another exhilarating rafting section is on river Sharda or Kali, beginning from Balawkot and ending at Tanakpur. This stretch is very long, measuring 95 kms. Counted amongst the longest stretches, with rapids ranging between 1 to 3. The best time to undertake white water rafting in Uttarakhand on river Yamuna is between mid September and mid June. Rookie level rafting is possible on river Yamuna. If you have zero experience in rafting and want to begin the sport, prefer river Yamuna as it provides rafting opportunity of grade 1.

River Alaknanda

Alaknanda is one of the most popular rivers for white water adventure rafting in Uttarakhand. Alaknanda is a river one of the most thrilling white water rafting adventures. Grade 4 and Grade 5 rapids are typical of this river. The river not only gives you a thrilling and chilling rafting experience, but also gives you a chance to soak in the serene beauty of the river and the adjoining landscapes. Alaknanda is the most prior choice of experienced rafters wanting to undertake the adventure of white water rafting in Uttarakhand to an extreme level.

The best time to visit Alaknanda River for white water rafting in Uttrakhand is between mid September and mid may. Alaknanda River is actually a tributary of river Ganga. The rafting stretch on Alaknanda River is between Chamoli and Rudraprayag. Rafters get scenic view of mountains all through their rafting root. Only if you possess a good rafting experience, we advise you to raft on Alaknanda River. The waves here are gigantic sometimes and rafting could be hazardous for the non experienced. To experienced rafters, for chilling, thrilling and wetting rafting experience in Uttarakhand, come over to river Alaknanda.

Tons River

The Tons River in Uttarakhand, flowing through Garhwal region is river Yamuna’s largest tributary. The river sort of just touches Himanchal Pradesh. The best time to visit Tons river in Uttarakhand for white water rafting begins in mid September and ends in mid June. The river offers breathtakingly enthralling experience while white water rafting in Uttarakhand with grade 5 rapids. Grade 5 rapids are the most difficult rapids in India and are unsuitable for the purpose of amateur rafting. This stretch of Tons river has gained popularity in the recent years among extreme sport lovers across the country, wanting to raft on the most difficult rapid possible in India.

River Tons flows through the local areas of Garhwal, reflecting the lifestyle of local people and offering mesmerizing view to the rafters all through the way. Rafting expedition on Tons river will enthrall you beyond measures and will wet you with huge water waves splashing on you. Do not make the mistake of rafting on Tons river if you have got no experience in rafting. Visit Tons river for white water rafting in Uttarakhand if you have mastered the skill of rafting and are well trained to conduct the adventure with no casualties on such a difficult rafting stretch.

Bhagirathi River

Bhagirathi is one of the head streams of Ganga offering a long rafting stretch measuring 150 kilometers. The rafting stretch on river Bhagirathi is really challenging and has got many twists and turns. The best time to go on a rafting expedition on Bhagirathi Uttarakhand is between October and mid may. Many rafters often go on a rafting adventure on this river during this time of the year. The rafting stretch on Bhagirathi river falls in class 3 and 4 of white water rafting. Bhagirathi river and the Alaknanda meet at Devprayag to form the river Ganga. All through this way, rafting lovers can find rapids.

Numerous rapids fall on the route of Bhagirathi river like The chute, sharp ‘S’, elephant rocks, confluence rapids, The wall and the Daniel dip. The rafters often love this course of rafting for its enthralling route and also for scenic beauty the river has. White sandy beaches on the river shore would tempt anyone. If a beginner wants to undertake white water rafting in Uttarakhand, he/she must begin with river Yamuna and then step by step should go on further to river Alaknanda. You must note that there is a lot of training, skill development and experience involved between the two ends.