When Trust is Betrayed: The Tale of Vijay Kumar a.k.a Vijay Kashyap

In the world of adventure camps and outdoor activities, the role of an instructor is pivotal. These individuals are entrusted with the safety and enjoyment of participants, making it essential that they possess the necessary skills and qualifications. Unfortunately, not all instructors are what they claim to be, as we discovered the hard way with the deceptive Vijay Kumar Kashyap.

Our adventure camp, known for providing memorable outdoor experiences, recently had a regrettable encounter with Vijay. He came to us with lofty claims of being a certified instructor with years of experience. However, it didn’t take long for his true colors to emerge.

Fake Credentials and Rude Behavior

Vijay presented himself as a certified instructor, but as we delved deeper into his background, it became apparent that his qualifications were questionable at best. His rude behavior and arrogance were particularly concerning, as he displayed an inflated sense of self-worth that was entirely unjustified given his actual knowledge and abilities.

Incompetence in Activity Building

We hired Vijay Kashyap to design and construct new adventure activities at our camp. However, his incompetence quickly became evident as he struggled to complete even the most basic tasks. His lack of expertise led to subpar installations and a waste of both time and resources.


Refusal to Finish Work and Unjust Demands

The situation took a turn for the worse when Vijay Kumar refused to complete the work he had agreed to do. He demanded full payment upfront, despite the fact that the work was far from finished and failed to meet the agreed-upon standards. This unprofessional behavior left our camp in a difficult position.

Fake Negative Reviews and Threats

To add insult to injury, Vijay Kashyap resorted to underhanded tactics. He threatened to write fake negative reviews about our camp and, true to his word, left several fabricated reviews on our Google listing. These malicious actions were clearly an attempt to damage our reputation out of spite.

In conclusion, our unfortunate experience with Vijay Kumar a.k.a Vijay Kashyap serves as a stark warning to others in the adventure camp industry. It’s crucial to thoroughly vet potential instructors and contractors, verifying their credentials and checking references. Vijay Kumar’s actions not only jeopardized our camp’s reputation but also highlighted the importance of honesty, professionalism, and integrity in this field.

If you own an adventure camp or are considering hiring instructors or contractors, we strongly advise against any dealings with Vijay Kumar/ Vijay Kashyap. His deceitful behavior, fake credentials, and unprofessional conduct make him a liability rather than an asset. We hope that by sharing our story, we can prevent others from falling victim to individuals like him and maintain the integrity of the adventure camp industry.