Rafting Operations Resume in Rishikesh After Monsoon Hiatus

September 17, 2023 – Despite the intermittent monsoon showers, the enthusiasm of tourists remained undeterred as they flocked to Rishikesh for a thrilling rafting experience. Rafting operators had been eagerly awaiting the green signal from the Uttarakhand Tourism Department, which finally came on Saturday morning at 10 a.m. With the official approval, rafting enthusiasts wasted no time and began their adventures on the Ganges at around 11 a.m. On the first day of operation, approximately 750 tourists savored the excitement of river rafting.

On Saturday, rafting operators conducted the customary worship of Mother Ganga with great reverence at the Marine Drive, Club House, and Brahmapuri rafting points. Following this sacred ritual, tourists embarked on their rafts, raising chants of ‘Jai Maa Gange,’ marking the commencement of another exciting rafting season.

Due to the weekend, the first day saw an influx of tourists from various regions, including Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh, among others, who had pre-booked their offline rafting slots. The thrill of this adventure sport remained undiminished even amidst the drizzling rain, as enthusiasts reveled in the adrenaline rush of tackling the river’s rapids.


It is worth noting that river rafting operations in the Ganga usually cease from June 30th due to the rising water levels during the monsoon season, and operations resume in September when the water levels recede.

The commencement of rafting operations was a result of meticulous monitoring of the Ganga’s water levels by government teams. After receiving the green signal from the authorities, rafting activities have resumed, offering tourists the opportunity to experience the thrill and beauty of the Ganges once more. From Marine Drive to Shivpuri, Club House to Brahmapuri, and Nim Beach to Muni Ki Reti, adventure enthusiasts are once again relishing the excitement of rafting on the Ganges.