Rafting Delayed in September Due to Rising Ganges Water; Tourism Inspection Set for First Week

August 29, 2023 – Adventure seekers eagerly anticipating river rafting will have to exercise patience once again. Due to the increasing water levels of the Ganges River, the operation of river rafting will not commence from September 1. During the first week of September, a team from the Tourism Department will conduct an assessment of the Ganges River’s water levels. Following this evaluation, a decision will be made regarding the resumption of river rafting activities.

Following June 30, river rafting operations in the Ganges are halted. The activity is typically resumed on September 1. Tourists from various states including Delhi, Haryana, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Kolkata, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh flock to destinations like Rishikesh, Laxman Jhula, Swargashram, and Tapovan for rafting. Many tourists also make online bookings for these adventures. However, recent heavy and continuous rainfall has caused the water levels of the Ganges and its tributaries to surge significantly.


According to the Central Water Commission, on Sunday evening, the water level of the Ganges was recorded at 338.90 meters, which is below the warning level of 339.50 meters.

As of now, there has been no official communication from the government regarding the resumption of river rafting in the Ganges. Given the current elevated water levels, the departmental team will undertake a survey of the Ganges River during the first week of September. Subsequent decisions and actions will be determined based on the findings. – Khushal Singh Negi, Adventure Tourism Officer, Tehri