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Valley of Flowers Trek – All You Need To Know

Valley of Flowers Trek is most sought after, and scenic trek in India and people from all over the world come here to explore the natural beauty. It is one of the best treks that every nature lover should experience once in the lifetime. Valley of flowers is located at an altitude of 3450 meters, and Ghangharia is at 3650 meters. There is not too cold here thus you just have to wear light woolen clothes as the temperature will range of 10 to 22 C.

Route Map of Valley of Flowers Trek

Location of Valley of Flowers

The Valley of flowers is the segment of Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve and is located near Badrinath, a holy Dham among the char dham. The Valley is situated at the height of about 3500 meters to 4500 meters and has a vast variety of flowers.

View During The Trek at valley of Flowers

Important facts regarding Valley of Flowers at a glance

  • Location of Valley of flowers: Near Badrinath, in Garhwal Region of Uttarakhand.
  • National Park: It was declared as National park in 1982.
  • World Heritage Site: Declared as World Heritage Site on 14th July 2005 by UNESCO.
  • Best time to visit Valley of flowers: July and August
  • Entry Fee: Rs. 150 for Indians as well as Rs. 650 for non-Indians
  • Entry Timings: 7 am to 5 pm
  • Opening Date of the Valley: 1st June
  • Closing Date: 4th October
  • Time needed for Valley of flowers trek: 7 days approximately via Haridwar.
Valley of Flowers

Why is the Valley of Flowers Trek so special ?

Valley of flowers trek is located in the Bhyundar valley, and it covers about 87 The place is well known for diverse species of wildflowers which includes zinnia, daisies, poppy, blue primula, petunia and many more. The trek is very special as it guarantees that you will blow away by the breathtaking views at the time of flowers blooming. Here you will not only enjoy running streams, colorful flowers, majestic mountains, and lush greenery but also find some rare and endangered animals too. As per locals, the place is just a, and the time you reach Valley of lowers at the end of the trek, you will realize that they are actually right. The place is recognized as one of the best places to visit for photographers and nature lovers.

Best Time For Trek

Best time to visit Valley of Flowers Trek

The best time to plan Valley of flowers trek is not sure actually as the blooming of flowers in the Valley totally depends upon the weather conditions. However the Valley opens for a trek in June every year, there are specific timeframes also when each species of flower blooms. You will find some beautiful flowers in July month, some in August month. Ideally, July and August are considered as the best time to plan Valley of flowers trek, also prepare to experience heavy rainfall during the trek. In September the Valley of flowers trek is much more precise and easier, but the flowers start drying up.

Image of Valley of Flowers

How to reach the Valley of Flowers Trek

In comparison to other treks valley of flowers, the trek has numerous options of using a helicopter, hiring a pony or enjoying trekking to cover a 13 km trail runs amid  Govindghat to Ghangharia. For Ghangharia, of course, you don’t have any other option except trekking. People who haven’t yet ride a pony will experience difficulty in doing so as the uphill ride will be slight discomfort instead helicopter ride will be comfortable as well as the sort. However, it’s pricy and will depend upon weather conditions.

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Best time to start Valley of flowers Trek from Ghangaria

Valley of flowers is just four to five kilometers away from Ghangharia and which can be reached within an hour. The best way is to walk slowly and explore the region along with enjoying photography. You should leave for Valley of Flowers in the morning and get an entry ticket.  The Valley of flowers trek starts from the city of Haridwar with a road journey that will take you to the base camp of Govindghat.  There are many things that you should keep in mind before planning for the Valley of flowers trek:

Things to keep in mind

Raining During Hike

Rain: Valley of flowers trek is actually a monsoon trek and rain will be the part of your journey for sure. There are chances that it can rain every day during your trip. So plan your trip accordingly to make things much easier for yourself.

Landslide Picture

Landslides: Same as rain landslides are also a byproduct of the rainy season during the Valley of flowers trek. About all major landslides, areas have been identified for by BRO, i.e. Border road Organization who work to maintain the highway. However, avoid traveling on the highway at the time when rain is on full force.

Difficulty Level

Difficulty Level: The difficulty level of the Valley of flowers trek is not too much. The walking trail is very wide, and the surface is also cemented. The whole trail can be covered in six to eight hours. Just improve your fitness level as well as stamina before planning for this adventurous trek. Prepare your body for a month by working out and stretching.

Shoes for Trekking

Shoes: The most important part of the trek is walking comfortably, and for this, you should buy a cushioned shoes. Valley of flowers trek is not a technical trek so using cushioned shoes is the best you can do. As it will be raining, you should choose water shoes with the water-resistant property which will make things easier for you.

Camping at Night in Jungle

Accommodations: Accommodations in Ghangaria valley of flowers present claustrophobic rooms with Swiss tent camps too. Staying here can be expensive but the view is, and food quality is consistent too. To be on safest side try to pre-book your accommodation and get confirmed to make your trek hassle free. There are many hotels in Govindghat also, but quality in hotels in Ghangharia is much better.

Food Options Available During Valley of Flowers Trek

Food options in Valley of Flowers: Sadly there is no dhaba or canteen inside Valley of flowers; thus you have to carry edible items with you. You can get your lunch packed or else can carry out with you ready to eat stuff. Essential restaurants serving Indian food are accessible everywhere all along the outer till Ghangaria. Vegetarian options are prevalent as the route is religious, langar foods is also available at the gurudwaras.

Hiring a Trekking Guide During Valley of Flowers Trek

Hiring a Guide: Hiring a guide for Valley of flowers is also an excellent option for you to explore the place without any hassle. If you explore without a guide, then you will enjoy what you see but if the guide will, interact you will get to know what nobody others can tell you.

Trekking Poles Required At Valley of Flowers

Trekking Pole is Required: Trekking pole in Valley of flowers trek will make descend easier. People will be seen carrying a wooden stick on this trail, and these are easily available in Govinghat market. These locally made sticks are good and comfortable too. You can adjust the height; also you can loop to secure the pole. The best part is that these sticks are easily stored and its length can be shortened.

Valley of flowers trek is truly a photographer’s paradise as you don’t have to stretch your head to find angles, exposures, and frames. Be it nature lovers, botanists or mountaineers a trek to this beautiful Valley is a perfect treat to lifetime.