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Try Face Yoga to Improve Your Appearance, Look Younger

Every effort is made by many women to fight the signs of aging, from using various anti-aging creams to carrying out risky surgical procedures, such as irritation, allergies, and even darker skin. The natural way without risk is face yoga which works the facial muscles. Here are 7 benefits of face yoga for beauty.

1. With Low Cost, You Can Tighten Facial Muscles

Toning facial muscles is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

As the name suggests, face yoga is a series of exercises to train facial muscles, just like yoga. The goal is to tighten facial muscles and signs of aging do not stop on the face.

In addition, compared to undergoing surgical procedures or buying a series of anti-aging facial care products that are not guaranteed to work, face yoga is much cheaper. There is no cost required to do face yoga. You only need a few minutes to do it.

2. No Harmful Ingredients, Helps Look Upto 3 Year Younger

Healthier is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

If you want a natural healthy life, you may never think about applying anti-aging cream. Many anti-aging creams contain parabens, mineral oil, fragrances, and various ingredients that are not good for the body.

On the other hand, face yoga can be said to be 100 percent safe without involving any harmful ingredients. Face yoga also does not involve needles and scalpels. Not only that, but face yoga also has a pretty satisfying success rate.

Researchers at Northwestern University found that after 20 weeks of facial exercises, respondents had firmer skin, fuller cheeks, and appeared three years younger on average.

3. With Right Smile Pose, The Aging Process Can be Slowed Down

Slowing down the aging process is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

Did you know, the more often you smile, squint, or tense up, the more wrinkles that may form over time. This is a natural process in life.

Face yoga can help you slow down the aging process. Some of the poses in face yoga can help you recognize when you are subconsciously furrowing your brows or pursed lips. That way, you will be aware not to do that.


4 Tension in The Neck and Face can be Reduced

Releasing tension is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

Face yoga can help you release tension around your face and neck. Without realizing it you bring all the tension and stress to the face and neck.

By doing face yoga, you will realize which muscles are tense and learn to release those tensions. Face yoga also helps some people heal their neck pain.

5. Smooths Blood and Oxygen Circulation, Face Gets Tighter

Toning the muscles of the face and neck is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

Like sports, face yoga also tightens the muscles it trains, namely the muscles around the face and neck. When you train these muscles, automatically the circulation of blood and oxygen in the face will become smoother.

This will stimulate the production of collagen which will make the face look firm and young. Different from Botox, face yoga makes the face glow naturally and looks relaxed. In addition, the mind will also become calmer and stress-free.

6. Eliminates Double Chin For A More Convincing Appearance.

Eliminating the double chin is one of the advantages of face yoga. (Photo: Social Media)

Having a double chin is definitely not fun. Face yoga can help you get rid of the double chin. This facial exercise can also make the neck area look firmer.

7. Radiant Face to Increase Self-confidence

Increasing self-confidence is one of the benefits of face yoga for beauty. (Photo: Social Media)

It is undeniable when the appearance improves and the face looks radiant after doing face yoga, self-confidence will also increase.

The interesting thing about face yoga is that in the process you will be entertained. Many face yoga poses will make you laugh when you do it. Laughter always has a good impact on your appearance.

Come on, try face yoga which has important benefits for your beauty.