Reading of Vedas stopped, Worship will begin with secret mantras for two days, Badrinath Dham

November 17, 2022 – The recitation of Vedas has stopped in Badrinath Dham since Thursday. For two days, the worship of Lord Badrinath will be completed only by chanting secret mantras. After the consecration of Lord Badrinath in the early hours of Thursday, the books of Ved Pustak, Vishnu Sahasranama, Khadag Pustak, and Bhagwat Purana were kept in the sanctum sanctorum of Badrinath Dham.


For two days, Lord Badrinath will be worshiped without books. On Friday, Kadai Bhog will be organized in Lakshmi temple on Badrinath Dham premises. Dharmadhikari of Badrinath Radhakrishna Thapliyal said that the doors of Badrinath Dham will be closed on November 19 at 3.35 pm. The number of pilgrims coming to Badrinath Dham is continuously increasing.