Doors of Adi Kedareshwar Temple Closed for Winter with rituals

November 17, 2022 – On Wednesday’s second day of Panch Puja in Badrinath Dham, the doors of Adi Kedareshwar temple were closed as per the rules and regulations. During this, Rawal (chief priest) of Badrinath Ishwar Prasad Namboodiri offered Annakoot (offering of cooked rice) at Adi Kedareshwar temple. On this occasion, Dharmadhikari Radhakrishna Thapliyal and Vedpathi Ravindra Bhatt offered prayers at Adi Kedareshwar temple.


After this, the temple is closed for winter by performing aarti of Adi Kedareshwar Bhagwan for about fifteen minutes. The process of completing the doors of Badrinath Dham started on Tuesday. The portals of the Ganesh temple were closed on the first day.