Preparation to change the name of Lansdowne, Defense Ministry sought a proposal

October 27, 2022 – If the Defense Ministry implements the proposal, Lansdowne, the military cantonment area in the Pauri district, will be renamed ‘Kalon ka Danda (mountain surrounded by dark clouds).’ Preparations are on to change the 132-year-old Lansdowne name. In addition, the Army Headquarters and Ministry of Defense have called for proposals to change the terms of roads, schools, institutions, cities, and suburbs of cantonment areas during the British period from Sub Area Uttarakhand.


The Defense Ministry has also asked them to suggest what names can be substituted for the names of the British era. Under this, Lansdowne Cantonment has sent a proposal named ‘Kalon Ka Danda.’ Earlier it was called ‘Kalon Ka Danda.’ However, the locals have been demanding to keep its name for years. Several letters have also been sent to the Defense Ministry in this regard.

From time to time, the people of the area have been demanding a change of name. Such proposals are considered keeping the country, time, and circumstances in mind.

Ajay Bhatt, Union Minister of State for Defense