Ground-Penetrating Radar will be used to search for Two missing climbers in Uttarkashi

October 27, 2022 – The GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) has been rushed to the summit camp of Draupadi’s Danda-2 peak to trace the two trainee climbers missing in the Uttarkashi avalanche accident. Officials of Nim said that the rescue team members had been trained in the use of GPR, after which the search for the missing climbers will start from Wednesday (today) with the help of GPR.

On October 4, 29 Nim’s Advanced Mountaineering Course members were hit by an avalanche during Draupadi’s ascent to the Danda-2 peak. The bodies of 27 were recovered after the accident, while Navy sailors Vinay Panwar (Uttarakhand) and Lt Col Deepak Vashisht have been missing since the accident.


Taking technical help, Nim has got ground penetrating radar from Bangalore to find both. Colonel Amit Bisht, Principal of Nim, said that the GPR was taken to the base camp on Monday, which was shifted to the summit camp on Tuesday.

An operator who came with the GPR has trained about 14 soldiers of the NIM, High Altitude War Fair School (Hodge), and the army involved in the rescue team on its use—told that from Wednesday, with the help of JPR, the missing climbers will be searched.