Construction to be banned at Northern Region of Kedarnath Temple

October 28, 2022 – In the northern region of Kedarnath temple, scientists have recommended an immediate ban on construction work. Scientists have submitted their report to the government after aerial and terrestrial inspection after three avalanche incidents in September-October.

In fact, in September and October, three avalanche incidents occurred in the glacier near Chorabari in the upper reaches of Kedarnath. People shivered, given the fear of the Kedarnath disaster of 2013. Taking this seriously, the government also formed a team of scientists for the study. The team carried out aerial and terrestrial surveys in the upper reaches of Kedarnath in the first week of October. The report submitted by the team to the government after the survey recommended a complete ban on construction in the northern region of Kedarnath temple.


It has been told in the report that the incidents of avalanches in the high mountain areas of Uttarakhand have become the cause of more than 100 deaths in the last ten years. Seven climbers died on October 27, 1998, eight on June 23, 2008, 16 on October 23, 2021, and seven on October 2, 2021. Kedarnath has experienced three avalanches in the last month.

Some More Sugesstions,

  • Benching should be done at different heights along the northern slope of Kedarnath temple so that the intensity of the pitch is reduced.
  • Install avalanche or concrete barriers on avalanche slopes. The design and size of these resistors should be decided after investigation.
  • Dunes should be built in the northern area of ​​Kedarnath temple. These have been constructed behind the Badrinath temple. This will reduce the intensity of snowfall.
  • Avalanches are common in glacier-affected areas. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the media and the people to spread awareness. Stop the rumor.