Now You Can Climb 40 New Peaks in Uttarakhand

June 19, 2022 – After the recommendation of the central government, Uttarakhand government has finally given permission to conduct mountaineering and trekking activities on 40 peaks. Guidelines have also been issued by the government in this regard. Orders to this effect have been issued by Additional Secretary Dharam Singh Meena.

Necessary information regarding mountaineering and trekking peaks was collected in collaboration with the Forest Department and Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board in the state. After a joint study of both the departments, out of 51 peaks in the state, 40 (30 for mountaineering and 10 for trekking) were found suitable.


On this basis, permission was sought from the government to open these peaks on behalf of Additional Chief Conservator of Forests, Wildlife and Member-Secretary Mountaineering Committee, Uttarakhand. On which the government gave conditional permission on Monday.

Permission will be given with these conditions,

  • As per the Mountaineering Guideline 2004, only two mountaineering teams will be allowed to climb any mountain peak in every month and a total of 12 teams in a calendar year. Only 10 members are allowed in a team, which can be up to 12 with an additional fee.
  • The Chief Wildlife Warden, Uttarakhand and the concerned Divisional Forest Officers will be made to follow the necessary conditions of permission and guideline for mountaineering for trekkers.
  • Indian Mountaineering Institute, New Delhi shall ensured compliance of other relevant forest, wildlife, biodiversity, rules, regulations along with the conditions imposed for mountaineering expeditions.
  • For mountaineering, permission will be issued by the competent authority only after obtaining the ID cards of all the climbers of the team, the team’s scheduled schedule, route map and the prescribed fee.
  • Temporary tents will be set up by the climbers in the designated base camps on the mountain tops.
  • For the inorganic material being carried along by the climbers, a mortgage amount of 10 thousand from the foreign team and five thousand from the Indian team will be deposited. Which will be returned to them on their return on showing the inorganic material at the checkpost.