Mountain Style Mini Airport To Be Built at Kedarnath and Mussoorie

November 16, 2022 – A mini airport will be set up in Kedarnath to strengthen air services. Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu has given the green signal to its design. The cost of this project will be Rs 30 crore, The airport will be built in mountain style.

The heliport that will be built in Kedarnath will be a mini airport. The architectural organization INI, which prepared the master plan for the Kedarnath reconstruction works, had scheduled its design, which had some shortcomings. Now the organization made its new design and placed it in front of Chief Secretary Dr. SS Sandhu. The Chief Secretary has given the green signal to its design. It will be built at the cost of around 30 crores. Under the instructions of the Chief Secretary, the creation of its terminal building will be prepared according to the religious trend of Kedarnath Dham.

Soon, Heliport in Sahastradhara Near Mussoorie


The Municipal Corporation will provide land to construct a heliport at Sahastradhara. It was decided on Tuesday that the municipal corporation will take Rs 13 crore from the government in exchange for this land. At the same time, the process of acquiring about two and a half hectares of private land for the heliport has been started in Mussoorie. About Rs 27 crores will be spent on land acquisition. According to the information, permission has been given to acquire this land.

The Chief Secretary has given the green signal to the design of the heliport to be built like a mini airport in Kedarnath. Now DPR is being prepared accordingly. Permissions have also been received for Mussoorie, Sahastradhara.

C Ravi Shankar, Director, UCADA