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Reiki means “universal life force energy,” that is present in all living creatures. A Cosmic Energy also called “the energy of love, harmony, and healing” has the ability to heal past, present, and future. To get attune to reiki you can Join our Reiki Classes in Rishikesh, Delhi, and Online.

Once you receive your “attunement”, you will be able to heal from that day. By continuing healing, the connection with Reiki will become stronger and the senses will become clearer. As a result, self-affirmation increases, you can trust yourself and feel the connection with the great things, and your life will be more enjoyable and easier to live.

What is Reiki?

Reiki, In simple words, is cosmic energy also called “the energy of love, harmony, and healing”. By incorporating Reiki into the body, the flow of Ki is adjusted, self-healing power and immunity are enhanced, and the balance of mind and body is adjusted.

The Reiki is a method of healing practice that starts with hand healing and self-healing and aims to stabilize the mind and improve spirituality.

How Does Reiki Work?

Reiki healers gently touch or “hover” their hands over key pressure points on patients’ heads and bodies to invoke energy, healing physical, mental, or emotional ailments in the process.

How Reiki healing therapy works?

Reiki is connected with the life energy of the universe, Through the palm of the healer To the mind and body of oneself and others Send Reiki energy Originally in us It is a natural remedy that can enhance the natural healing ability.

Who Can Learn Reiki?

Anyone can learn Reiki, There is no special training required.

What are The Benefits of Reiki?

Reiki contributes to a healthy, well-grounded, and serene essence. If you are armed with Reiki knowledge, you can heal ailments—yours and other people’s. Once Its passed on to you, it will stay within you forever. It won’t dissipate, and you will never lose it. You can invoke it wherever you are and whenever you need it. You will be able to replenish the life force energy when it is depleted and channel it to areas that need healing.

Other Benefits Includes:
1) Disease prevention and resolution.
2) Alleviation of pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and trauma.
3) Elimination of negativity.
4) Purging of addictive tendencies.
5) Ability to center oneself and others amid turmoil.
6) Reconnection with one’s higher self.
7) Strengthening one’s life purpose, direction, wellbeing, intuition, decision-making ability, and mental clarity.


Did You Know? One you receive your “attunement”, you will be able to heal from that day. By continuing healing, the connection with Reiki will become stronger and the senses will become clearer.

For an effective start in Reiki training, students need to undergo attunement, whereby Reiki masters, guided by God (or Higher Power), pass on the life force energy to them. Masters open their students’ crown, heart, and palm chakras—energy centers that connect students to the source of the life force through this process.


This powerful energy transfer, which can galvanize psychic sensitivity, varies from one individual to another. Many students report transcendental experiences after the attunement. These involve accessing the third eye, dynamized intuition, messages from beyond, seemingly miraculous cures, visions, and past-life regression.

Only one attunement is needed for masters to pass on their abilities to students. However, with the multiple degrees of Reiki, students need several attunements over time to progress to upper levels.

To improve the results received during the attunement, students must undergo a process of purification. This paves the way for the attunement energies to perform more effectively and deliver more substantial benefits to the students.

Different Levels of Reiki Classes in Rishikesh, Delhi, and Online

Reiki Classes in Rishikesh, Delhi and Online

Only Reiki masters are allowed to impart Reiki knowledge. Research the instructors in your chosen educational institution before enrolling in a course. Once committed, you will learn these degrees of training:

Reiki Level I

This starting point discusses Reiki’s basics and history, positive and negative vibrations, and the holistic, hands-on process. Completing just this first degree will enable you to heal people. But first, beginners have to overcome obstacles that can impede the transfer of energy, such as past hurts and internal turmoil. Practice hands-on self-treatment every day for at least six months before moving to the second level.

Reiki Level II

Four times more powerful than level I, this stage tackles distant healing and how to connect the mental aspect to the hands-on modality. Practice level I techniques for three months minimum before proceeding to level II.

Reiki Level III

The highest degree catapults the student to master status. In ancient times, this topmost level of learning was by invitation only. Now, it has these sub-levels:

  • 3A — Those at the “Master Healer” level can transmit the life force using thought alone.
  • 3B — Those at the “Master Teacher” level can attune students to level I or II.
  • 3C — Those at the “Grandmaster” level can attune anyone to any level.

The proper way to learn reiki is via a reiki master or someone with level III or teaching status.

Did You Know?

  • To use this energy you don’t need any type of training.
  • Once Attuned, Anyone can heal from the day they get attune and The ability to Heal remains forever.
  • The more you practice, the stronger your ability becomes.
  • No concentration or effort required, It will automatically flow as much as you need, just use your hands.
  • Positive Energy, Reiki does not carry negative energy.
  • Effective without believing, Religion and thought Effective regardless of belief or disbelief.
  • It is also effective for animals and plants and can be used for energy purification of inanimate objects and fields.
  • Synergistic effect in combination with medical treatment and other techniques (aromatherapy, acupuncture, qigong, manipulative treatment, energy work, healing, etc.)
  • Remote healing that transcends time and space and healing to the past and future is possible.
  • Purification of karma, etc. (Useful for purifying deep trauma and trauma karma).
  • Improving the quality of life, By Practising Reiki on a daily basis, “you can live a peaceful, prosperous and valuable life.”

Reiki Classes in Rishikesh, Delhi, and Online

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