Joshimath is sinking about two and a half inches yearly. IIRS scientists released a satellite study report

January 13, 2023 – Joshimath is sinking yearly by 6.62 cm, i.e. about 2.60 inches. The Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS) has given this report to the government after studying satellite images for almost two years. Scientists of IIRS Dehradun studied satellite images of Joshimath and the surrounding area of ​​about six kilometers from July 2020 to March 2022.

The study saw the geological changes coming in Joshimath and surrounding areas. Recently IIRS released its report. In this, it was claimed that Joshimath receives 6.62 cm every year. It is sinking downward at the rate of. Its satellite picture has also been released. Also, IIRS has released a video that shows the 3-D changes of Joshimath.

Not only Joshimath, landslides are happening in the entire valley.


The video released by IIRS also showed that the landslide is happening in more than just Joshimath city. The entire valley is in its grip. Its dangerous consequences can be seen in the coming times.

Both Rock and Slope are in The Same Direction

The government has entrusted the responsibility of studying Joshimath to all the scientific institutions. Secretary Disaster Management Dr. Ranjit Sinha said that in the investigation, the fact has come to light that both the rocks and the slope inside Joshimath are moving in the same direction. Usually, the rocks are flat, but there is continuous subsidence here.

Our Risk Assessment Committee also includes scientists from IIRS. He has submitted the report of the study. It is satellite-based, but what is happening inside the reasons will be clear once the geophysical and geotechnical investigation is done.

-Doctor. Ranjit Sinha, Secretary, Disaster Management