Dharamshala Forest Circle’s Trailblazing Initiative to Boost Tourism and Support Local Guides

January 24, 2024: In a recent announcement from the Dharamshala Forest Circle in Kangra district, a noteworthy initiative has been introduced to invigorate tourism and provide crucial support to local guides in the region. Acting upon the directive of the state’s Chief Minister, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu, the Dharamsala Forest Circle has rolled out a substantial 50% discount on entry fees and tenting charges for popular trekking destinations, including Triund and other renowned trekking routes.

This strategic move is designed not only to draw in more tourists but also to extend substantial relief to registered guides. According to an official statement, this step is anticipated to have a far-reaching impact on the tourism sector, fostering economic growth and sustainable development.

As part of this groundbreaking initiative, the Forest Department has slashed the entry fee from INR 200 to a mere INR 100 per person per day, making these picturesque trekking routes more accessible to a wider audience. Additionally, the tenting fee has been significantly reduced from INR 1100 to INR 550 for accommodation for two individuals, inclusive of the entry fee.

In a commendable gesture, the Forest Department has completely waived the fees for registered local guides affiliated with recognized Miscellaneous Adventure Activities Operators. These guides must be officially registered with the Tourism Department under the H.P. Misc. Adventure Activities Rules, 2021, showcasing a thoughtful consideration for the local community and those actively contributing to the adventure tourism landscape.


This move not only ensures affordability for adventure enthusiasts but also supports the livelihoods of local guides, playing a pivotal role in enhancing the overall trekking experience.

Aligned with the vision of the Chief Minister, the Dharamsala Forest Circle’s initiative stands as a testament to the commitment to promote sustainable tourism and uplift the economic prospects of the region. Nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers exploring the enchanting landscapes of Triund and other trekking routes can now do so with a sense of financial ease, thanks to this laudable effort by the Dharamsala Forest Circle.

With this initiative, trekking enthusiasts can now embark on the Triund trek in Himachal Pradesh, where lush green landscapes, panoramic views of the Dhauladhar Range, and a serene alpine atmosphere await. Explore other equally captivating trekking areas in the region, each promising a unique blend of natural beauty and thrilling trails, making Himachal a haven for trekking enthusiasts.