Indian Passport Holders Granted Visa-Free Access to 62 Countries: A Global Travelers’ Delight

January 25, 2024: In a promising turn of events for avid travelers, the tally of countries offering visa-free access to Indian passport holders has expanded to an impressive 62, providing exciting prospects for globetrotters to explore a myriad of cultures, breathtaking landscapes, and historical marvels without the cumbersome visa application process.

This comprehensive list encompasses a plethora of sought-after tourist destinations across Southeast Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. Recognizing the allure of attracting Indian tourists, these countries have streamlined access, facilitating exploration of iconic landmarks, pristine beaches, and vibrant cultural hotspots.

Holders of an Indian passport can now embark on visa-free journeys to 62 countries, solidifying its global ranking at 80th on the renowned Henley Passport Index. While India’s overall position remains consistent from the previous year, the noteworthy increase in the number of visa-free destinations signals substantial growth from the previous count of 57.


The Henley Passport Index, a premier interactive online tool for sorting, displaying, and ranking passports globally, derives its rankings from data supplied by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Serving as a barometer for the global mobility landscape, the index reflects the diplomatic reach and accessibility of passports across nations.

Among the top-performing nations with the most powerful passports in 2024 are France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and Spain, enabling their citizens to travel visa-free to an impressive 194 countries. On the flip side, Afghanistan holds the lowest position, offering visa-free entry to just 28 countries, with Syria and Iraq following closely at 29 and 31 visa-free destinations, respectively. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s passport also faces limitations this year, providing access to only 34 countries.

The extensive list of countries that Indian passport holders can visit without a visa includes diverse destinations such as Cambodia, Fiji, Jamaica, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Thailand, and many more. This broadening of visa-free access not only enhances opportunities for Indian travelers but also fosters cultural exchange, allowing them to explore a myriad of global destinations hassle-free.