Badrinath Highway Remains Closed, Yamunotri Highway Open for Light Vehicles

May 24, 2021 – Badrinath Highway is still closed, While traffic for light vehicles on the Yamunotri Highway has been resumed. Even on the fifth day, the movement of vehicles could not be started at Radang Band on Badrinath Highway. The Border Roads Organization (BRO) has nine JCB and Pokeland machines working day and night to resume the Badrinath highway. According to sources, it will take another two days to resume traffic on the Badrinath Highway.

On 20th May, Badrinath Highway was damaged in Lambagad, Benakuli, and Radang bands due to heavy rains. The highway is still blocked here due to the demolition of about 50 meters of the highway in the Radang Band.


Due to the blockage of the highway, the movement of army vehicles along with the villagers of Mana village has also been disrupted. BRO commander Manish Kapil said that the highway would be smoothed within two days. Nine JCB and Pokeland machines are working day and night to resume the highway.