Vistara Unveils Exciting Routes to Bali and Doha as Outbound Tourism from India Surges

December 05, 2023 – As the travel bug continues to bite, Vistara, one of India’s premier airline carriers, has made waves in the aviation industry with the announcement of two new direct flight routes. On December 1, the airline revealed the commencement of direct flights between Delhi and Bali, and from December 15, Mumbai will be connected to Doha. This strategic move aligns with the growing popularity of both Bali and Doha among Indian travelers, emerging not just as leisure hotspots but also as attractive options for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE). Earlier this year, Vistara also expanded its reach with direct flights connecting Delhi and Hong Kong, reinforcing its commitment to broadening its network.

Outbound Tourism on the Rise

In a significant shift, 2023 is expected to witness a surge in outbound tourism from India. According to a PTI report at the beginning of the year, Indian travelers are projected to spend a staggering USD 42 billion on outbound tourism by 2024. Supporting this optimistic outlook, the report “Unlock the Potential: A Look Into Outbound Tourism,” conducted by Nangia Andersen in association with the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, anticipates India’s outbound tourism to reach USD 44.7 billion by 2032.

Aviation and Government Partnerships

This boom in outbound tourism can be attributed to crucial developments in the aviation industry and strategic government partnerships between countries. Notably, the past decade has witnessed a surge in the opening of airports and terminals, with 73 new airports becoming operational since 2017. This growth has been complemented by an increase in international destinations welcoming Indian tourists. To facilitate smoother travel experiences, many countries, including Indonesia, have introduced e-visa or visa-on-arrival facilities, eliminating the hassles of long queues and appointment delays.


Visa-Free Arrivals

In a bid to further simplify the travel process, several alluring destinations have recently sanctioned visa-free arrivals for Indian travelers. Countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka have embraced this initiative, with Vietnam soon joining the list. This removal of traditional travel hindrances opens up a world of possibilities for Indian globetrotters, encouraging them to explore diverse international landscapes hassle-free.

A New Era of Travel Opportunities

As Vistara charts new flight paths to Bali and Doha, and the outbound tourism trend continues to gain momentum, Indian travelers can look forward to an exciting era of exploration. With more countries embracing visa-free arrivals and simplified visa procedures, the world is becoming increasingly accessible for those with a passion for travel. As we approach 2023, the skies seem to be the limit for Indian globetrotters, promising an era of diverse and hassle-free international adventures.