Unveiling the Mysteries of Putulbari: Kolkata’s Enigmatic Mansion

Kolkata, a city celebrated for its rich culture and traditions, also conceals a darker side, adorned with eerie mysteries. Among these enigmatic tales, one of the most renowned is that of Putulbari, often referred to as the ‘House of Dolls.’ This ancient mansion, nestled in the heart of North Kolkata, has earned a notorious reputation as one of the city’s most haunted places.

The history of Putulbari is shrouded in shadows. In bygone eras, it stood as a grand estate in Sovabazar, when trade thrived in the region, bestowing prosperity upon the affluent. However, this prosperity often came at the cost of the underprivileged residents, who found themselves perpetually indebted to these wealthy families. Many locals found employment in these opulent residences, which also served as storage facilities.

Legend has it that these estate owners routinely exploited young women from the vicinity, including those working within the mansion’s confines. Tragically, these women endured sexual abuse and torment, with some cases culminating in their silence through murder and subsequent burial on the property itself. These horrifying incidents transpired with alarming frequency, leaving a trail of tragedy.

The legend of Putulbari also intertwines with the tragic tale of the owner’s young daughter. An avid collector of dolls, she met a mysterious demise, and her spirit is believed to linger within the mansion to this day. Locals claim to have heard eerie laughter echoing through the dimly lit rooms and have witnessed dolls moving of their own accord.


Countless accounts tell of the spine-chilling experiences of unfortunate tenants who resided within these eerie walls. They spoke of hearing agonizing cries in the still of night, encountering ghostly apparitions of girls dancing on the mansion’s terrace, and enduring a pervasive sense of disquiet that haunts the structure. Strangely, a few of the dolls remain within the mansion, gathering dust and showing signs of significant wear. There are claims, although unverified, that these dolls occasionally come to life.

Putulbari’s haunting reputation has deterred many from exploring its hidden beauty. Those brave enough to step inside are greeted by decaying corridors, dusty doll collections, and echoing footsteps that send shivers down their spines. The atmosphere is heavy with an unsettling presence, making Putulbari a favorite spot for paranormal enthusiasts and ghost hunters.

Despite its chilling reputation, Putulbari stands as an integral part of Kolkata’s heritage. Restoration efforts have been undertaken to restore the building to its former glory, but the haunting tales persist. The mansion remains a subject of fascination and fear among the city’s residents, an enigmatic testament to Kolkata’s mysterious past.