Dehradun-Mussoorie Ropeway: A Game-Changer in Uttarakhand’s Tourism Landscape

November 11, 2023 – In a significant development, Dehradun is gearing up to host India’s longest ropeway system, connecting the city with the picturesque hill station of Mussoorie. Anticipated to revolutionize travel between the two cities, this transformative project is set to reduce the journey time from one hour thirty minutes to a mere 15 minutes, offering a swift and scenic commute for tourists and locals alike.

The Dehradun Mussoorie Ropeway Project (DMRP)

The ambitious 5.5 km long Dehradun Mussoorie Ropeway Project (DMRP) is in progress, spearheaded by the Mussoorie Sky Car Company Pvt, a consortium led by FIL Industries. Valued at INR 300 crore, the mono-cable ropeway project aims to bring about a paradigm shift in connectivity and tourism experience. The first phase is expected to be operational by September 2026, providing a hassle-free and breathtaking journey for travelers.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The ropeway will feature 10-seater cabins, fully enclosed and ventilated, complete with automatic doors. With a capacity to accommodate up to 1,300 passengers per hour in each direction, the system aims to streamline transportation and alleviate traffic congestion, especially during peak seasons and festivals. Offering an all-weather solution, the ropeway is poised to enhance the overall mobility experience for visitors and residents alike.


Benefits for Tourism and Urban Mobility

Owais Altaf Syed, the Group Director of FIL Industries Limited, expressed excitement about the project, highlighting its potential as a game-changer in Uttarakhand. The ropeway will not only offer swift connectivity between Dehradun and Mussoorie but also integrate various facets of infrastructure development. This includes hospitality, food and beverages, and retail facilities, contributing significantly to the local economies of both cities.

Syed remarked, “Once ready, it will not only provide a source of employment and bring in revenue to the state but also attract tourists from across the world, contributing considerably to the state GDP.” The project aligns with the vision of sustainable tourism and economic growth, positioning Uttarakhand as a premier destination for both domestic and international travelers.

As the DMRP progresses, it holds the promise of transforming the tourism landscape of Uttarakhand, offering an efficient and scenic mode of transportation while fostering economic development in the region.