destination wedding

4 Tips, If You are Planning for a Destination Wedding

Whether you’re making a beeline for the seashore, journeying up to the mountains, or flying to a city you’ve generally cherished, marriage at an exotic location adds an additional layer of celebration to your wedding, turning the day into a week full of fun and anticipation. Before you ask your guests to join you in this celebration there are a couple of additional things you’ll need to remember. Let me give you some important tips for arranging a perfect destination wedding.

Right Destination

Before you start planning anything, check for the season and offseason of your shortlisted destinations. There’s a possibility that your selected date is during the peak season, which could mean premium pricing for everything including flight and lodging costs for your guests, not only this but a peak season may cause availability issues. Consider a date during the mid-season or low-season to make your arrangements simpler and economical, or plan everything quite early so that you can have all the booking done in advance. Before choosing the right destination you should also consider the previous year’s weather reports during the month of your wedding.

Right Day

In case you’re going to have an event for a minimum of three days or more, a buffer day for the wedding will be a good idea after everybody arrives. Instead, plan for a pre-wedding event. This will not give your guest some extra time to relax from their hectic journey and enjoy the wedding to their fullest but will also help those to join if any with last moment travel plan changes that can be due to bad weather, flight cancellation, or anything.



Once you are done with finalizing your venue. Simply, Let all of your guests know in advance as much as possible. Doesn’t matter how much distance they have to travel and where they will be coming from. As soon as you’ve fixed your venue, share the dates with your guests. This will help them to make their travel arrangements accordingly in advance, this could be anything from doing reservation for their air tickets, train tickets, apply for a visa, or maybe they have to renew their passport.

Welcome Guests with a Kit

You can make a welcome kit that can have useful items like a local map, reusable water bottles, details about local sightseeing, alongside sweets and cookies, or whatever fits your theme, destination, and budget. Yes, one more important point, take a printout with a detailed itinerary for your event so they’ll know in advance that where they need to be, when!