Tehri Welcomes Thrill-Seekers: India’s Inaugural International Aerial Acrobatic Shows

November 10, 2023 – Tehri, Uttarakhand, is set to host the Acro Festival from November 24-28, marking India’s first-ever International Aerial Acrobatic Shows. Adventure enthusiasts, mark your calendars, as this festival promises a mesmerizing spectacle.

The Tehri Acro Festival is set to welcome 150 globally acclaimed paragliders, providing an exhilarating platform for paragliding enthusiasts to engage in aerial competitions and witness breathtaking acrobatic shows. More than just a festival, this event heralds Tehri as India’s newest paragliding destination, catering to both leisure seekers and those interested in training programs. The festival will showcase the skills of some of India’s best paragliders, adding a homegrown touch to the international lineup.

Beyond the adrenaline rush, the festival holds the promise of kickstarting paragliding training programs, particularly for the locals, opening avenues for employment. This strategic move aligns with the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Board’s vision for sustainable tourism in Tehri. By year-end, the aim is to have 100 pilots trained in paragliding, if not more, fostering a vibrant paragliding community.


Discovering Tehri’s Charms:

Tehri is rapidly emerging as a tourist hotspot in Uttarakhand, celebrated for its natural beauty and cultural vibrancy. The crown jewel of Tehri Garhwal district is the expansive Tehri Lake, a haven for water adventure sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by verdant forests and hills, Tehri offers panoramic views of distant snow-capped mountains on clear days.

The Tehri Lake, an outcome of the Tehri Dam construction, has transformed into a focal point for water-based activities. While the lake steals the spotlight, the rest of Tehri, seemingly unassuming at first glance, unveils its charm to those willing to delve into the local culture and traditions. Beyond its picturesque setting, Tehri serves as a gateway to various trekking and adventure opportunities, attracting travelers seeking a serene escape amidst nature.

The Acro Festival not only adds a thrilling dimension to Tehri’s tourism but also positions it as a hub for paragliding enthusiasts, fostering an environment of adventure, skill development, and community engagement.