Surat Airport Unveils State-of-the-Art Terminal Building, Elevating Travel Experience and Sustainability Standards

December 22, 2023: Surat Airport recently achieved a significant milestone with the inauguration of its New Integrated Terminal Building (NITB), a testament to the city’s commitment to modern infrastructure and cultural identity. The new terminal, built at a cost exceeding INR 150 crores, is poised to revolutionize the travel experience for passengers while embracing Surat City’s rich heritage in its design.

Enhancing Passenger Experience

The new terminal, equipped to handle 1,200 domestic and 600 international passengers during peak times, aims to accommodate up to 3,000 passengers during busy hours, with an annual handling capacity set to soar to 55 lakh passengers. This expansion aligns with Surat Airport’s evolution into an international hub, fostering economic growth and enhancing regional connectivity.

International Airport Designation

In a strategic move, the Union cabinet has declared Surat Airport an international airport, positioning it as a hub for global travelers. This designation is poised to streamline export-import processes, particularly benefiting the thriving diamond and textile industries in the region. The move is anticipated to unlock substantial economic potential, attract foreign investment, and strengthen diplomatic connections.

Cultural Integration

The NITB design seamlessly integrates Surat City’s rich heritage, encapsulating the essence of the region within its interior and exterior. The terminal, serving as Surat City’s main gateway, successfully merges modern functionality with local culture. The facade pays homage to the traditional woodwork of the ‘Rander’ region, creating a unique sense of place for visitors and enhancing the overall passenger experience.


Sustainability at Its Core

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the new terminal prioritizes environmental consciousness. Several sustainability features, including a double-insulated roofing system, energy-efficient canopies, low heat gain double-glazing units, rainwater harvesting, water treatment, and sewage treatment plants, have been thoughtfully integrated. The use of recycled water for landscaping actively contributes to water conservation.

One of the standout features is the inclusion of a solar power plant, showcasing Surat Airport’s commitment to eco-friendly practices. This dedication positions the airport as a benchmark for sustainable and responsible infrastructure development in the aviation sector.

Surat Airport’s New Integrated Terminal Building not only symbolizes progress and modernity but also serves as a proud reflection of the city’s cultural heritage. The airport’s newfound international status is set to elevate Surat’s global standing, driving economic growth, and fostering a sustainable and prosperous future for the region.