Subsidized Helicopter Service Launches in Doda District in J&K

December 22, 2023: In a groundbreaking development for winter travel in the mountainous terrain of Doda district, a subsidized helicopter service has been inaugurated, offering a vital lifeline for the region. Priced at an affordable INR 2,500 per person, this helicopter service from Jammu is set to redefine accessibility and convenience for Doda residents during the chilling winter months.

The inaugural ceremony, graced by Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh and Senior Superintendent of Police Abdul Qayoom, marked a historic moment for the district. The first passengers on this inaugural flight were three individuals from Doda, symbolizing the commencement of this essential initiative.

Heading the operations as the designated nodal officer is Assistant Commissioner (Panchayat) Ashfaq Khanji, ensuring the seamless functioning of this critical service. Mumbai-based Global Vectra Private Limited has been entrusted with the responsibility of managing the helicopter service.

Deputy Commissioner Harvinder Singh emphasized the significance of this service, particularly for individuals requiring emergency or time-sensitive travel. The aerial option not only presents an efficient alternative but also eliminates the challenges of the lengthy 180-kilometer road journey during the harsh winter conditions.


Eliminating Winter Travel Challenges

The subsidised helicopter service between Jammu and Doda comes as a welcome relief, addressing the challenges posed by winter travel in the mountainous Doda district. Priced at an economical rate of INR 2,500 per person, the service ensures affordability and accessibility for residents during the freezing winter months.

This initiative is poised to create new tourism avenues, enhancing connectivity and opening up opportunities for winter tourism in the picturesque Doda district. During the peak of winter, when certain regions grapple with accessibility issues, this helicopter service aims to make commuting more convenient. Not only does it address the immediate travel needs of the residents, but it also holds the promise of attracting tourists to explore the scenic beauty of Doda during the winter season.

Fostering Connectivity and Winter Tourism

The helicopter service, covering a substantial distance of 180 km between Doda and Jammu, is designed to enhance accessibility and foster winter tourism across the region. For travelers, Doda can be conveniently reached from the Srinagar International Airport (Sheikh ul Alam Airport), approximately 205.4 km away. Alternatively, accessibility is facilitated through Jammu Airport, situated around 162.6 km away and connected via NH 44 and NH 244.

As the helicopter blades cut through the crisp winter air, this subsidized service is not just a mode of transport but a beacon of hope for the residents of Doda, offering a reliable and efficient means of travel during the challenging winter months. The launch of this helicopter service signals a new era in winter travel, emphasizing accessibility, affordability, and the potential for tourism growth in the heart of the Doda district.