Snowfall in Chakrata and Mussoorie

January 14, 2023 – Reports of heavy snowfall in the higher region of Chakrata. A large number of tourists are reaching chakrata to see snow. On the other hand, snowfall in Mussoorie occurred after midnight on Friday at around one o’clock.

It started snowing in Chakrata on Thursday late at night after the rain in the area. In the high-altitude regions of Chakrata, Lokhandi, Lohari, Jadi, Deoban, Mundli, Kanasar, and Khadamba, roads, mountains, and houses were also covered with snow.


Till late evening of Thursday, the residents of the area felt relieved from the cold due to the bright sunshine. But after eleven o’clock at night, the weather dramatically changed, and it started raining and around 3 AM it starts snowing. After which, the temperature of the area reached minus 2 degrees.