Shangarh Village – Where God Do Justice

Infrastructure has been created to strengthen law and order in the country. Apart from the police force, outposts, police stations, and courts, the government has given powers to Panchayat representatives and administrative officers to maintain law and order. But there is a ban on the entry of police in Shangarh village of Sainj valley of Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.

Along with this, it is also forbidden to bring alcohol, cigarettes, and leather goods. The grounds here are not allowed to be entered with any weapon or tool, and no one is allowed to talk in a loud voice. The decision of the deity Shangchul Mahadev in the village is universal for everyone.

Gandhigiri has run for centuries in the Shangad of the Kullu district. In the power of the God Shangchul Mahadev, no one can abuse, fight or talk in a loud voice.

In Shangad, known for its natural beauty, doing all this violates God’s rules. According to the order of God, Shanghad is the safe area of ​​Shangchul Mahadev. So the deity has named it Deoghara.

It is a tradition that no one should harass anyone here, do not speak with a loud tongue. There should be no sin and selfishness here. Not even a branch of a tree should be cut. The police should not come to this area wearing a uniform, nor can anyone speak Bhaunuru Laman here. This type of deity practice is going on even today. Devendra Sharma, Revati Ram Palsara, and Beliram Rana, the Karcoons of the deity, said that Shangad is an example of mutual brotherhood.


People are aware and stay away from fights and quarrels. People understand their responsibility. There is also a provision of a fine for those who violate the rules. Now the movement of tourists has started increasing here. The deity committee has also instructed the people coming from outside to follow these rules.

Gandhigiri runs in the village.

The lesson of Gandhigiri is taught in the village as soon as it is born. Fighting is prohibited within the limits of this village, with a population of about 1,000. Abusing here is considered a sin, and stealing is a great sin. The history of the presiding deity Shangchul Mahadev here relates to the Mahabharata period.

However, the historical heritage of the Pandava period is still found in the village. The vast ground of Shangchul Mahadev is spread over 228 bighas.

The area got a new identity from the beautiful temple.

The temple of the deity Shangchul Mahadev in Shanghad has become the center of reverence for thousands of people. Seven years ago, the old temple of God was burnt to ashes.

Within a year, the grand temple was constructed again. Every day, devotees reach Shanghad from far and wide to have a darshan at the deity’s temple. The youth of Shangad is now writing a new script for rural tourism.