Sem-Mukhem Nagaraja Temple in Tehri

Uttarakhand, land of miracles, where no magic or logic comes, just you should have faith in your heart to feel the supernatural power beyond science. In Uttarakhand, there exists a Sem-Mukhem temple which is located in Tehri.

About the temple

Sem-Mukhem is a religious temple in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand and is famous as the Nagaraja. The temple is situated about 7000 thousand feet above sea level, and Lord Krishna is worshiped in the form of Nagaraj. The priest here claims that by bathing with the water here, the leprosy is removed. It is also recognized as the fifth Dham. The treatment of incurable leprosy diseases such as Tuberculosis can be cured in this temple is hard to believe in today’s scientific world, but if you have belief, you can get anything.


In Puranas, it is mentioned that Lord Krishna left Dwarka and came here to Ramolagiri in Uttarakhand to establish idol in this temple to fulfill his pledge to pay a visit to Kaliya Nag. The route of Sem-Mukhem Nagaraja temple is full of natural beauty and greenery and is amid thick forest where you can find Kharsu, oaks, Kedarpatti trees.

About the stone, in the temple, The temple has a giant stone, which cannot be moved even after a lot of power and thrust but if you have faith in your mind and heart, you can move that stone just with your one finger. Isn’t it surprising?  Many devotees believe it as a bhim stone also and those who come to visit the temple they definitely come to try this miraculous stone. You have to travel an extra distance of one kilometer to see this miraculous stone which is near the temple to believe the miracle.