Rishikesh Rafting

Important facts about rafting in Rishikesh: A raft is basically an expansive boat which you can easily paddle through the rough waters as well as rapids. The materials used in the making of the raft are either polyester or nylon and later it gets a coating of synthetic rubber such as Hypalon, urethane along with PVC. Rafting is best suited for rivers with huge water currents. It is also called white-water rafting due to the frothing rapids of the imbibing rivers making the water look white.

The grades of rapids experienced during rafting

The rapids are usually evaluated on the basis of the risks involved in paddling through them. They are often graded on a scale of I to VI. Here is sneak peek into the world of the rapids

  • The rapids which are considered as Grade I are easy to handle and navigating through them is quite a simple task. There will be mild currents and they are devoid of any risk factors.
  • Grade II rapids are easy to move through as the rocks that poses as obstacles are separated enough to give you a safe passage.
  • Grade III rapids are where the adventure lies. It requires tactics and precision by the guide.
  • Grade IV rapids are where you enjoy the thrill of rafting. The waves are high and powerful to topple your raft completely and it can be tricky to manoeuvre such currents. In the Shivpuri stretch you can easily find such rapids like the Roller Coaster and the Golf Course are the most famous of them all.
  • Grade V rapids are of the dangerous sorts and if not cautious enough your boat can get toppled by the high waves at any time. The Kaudiyala stretch in Rishikesh only has such a rapid called the Wall.
  • Grade VI rapids are what you can call suicidal as you will be committing suicides if you try to manoeuvre such rapids. However, fortunately there are no such rapids in Rishikesh.

Each of the rapids in Rishikesh has its own name according to their distinctive nature. While you are rafting in Rishikesh you will experience many rapids ranging from Grade I to Grade V. here take a close look at the rapids in Rishikesh:

  • Daniel’s Dip, The Wall, Club House, Initiation, Good Morning, Roller coaster and many others.

All you need to do is pack your bags and head for Rishikesh to hit the rapids and enjoy.