Reiki II - The Symbols

Introduction To Reiki II – The Symbols

Having already been trained in Reiki 1, Your primary focus in Usui Reiki II is to enable you to easily experience and active the first three symbols of Reiki. These symbols can be used in numerous ways and help assist you in becoming familiar with Reiki energy associated with each of the symbols.

However, it has been said that Dr. Usui only incorporated these symbols into his Reiki practice to help those who had difficulty sensing these aspects of Reiki on their own. To help somewhat alleviate their difficulties in doing so he introduced these symbols as an assist in discerning the Reiki energies, which they could not otherwise feel.

These symbols are like training wheels because once you become familiar with the Reiki energies, you will no longer need the use of these symbols to activate those energies. It is the INTENTION behind the symbol that makes them effective and this is why, if you happen to draw the symbol incorrectly, that it still has the effects it was intended to have in the first place.

Another aspect of Reiki II is that you can now treat others through time and space. In other words, the person no longer needs to be in the same room as yourself. For example, I live in Rishikesh, India. If someone in Delhi was to ask me for a treatment I would not have to travel to Delhi to give such treatment nor would they have to travel to Rishikesh. I could treatment them over a distance which makes this what we call in Reiki circles as Distant Treatments. This could not be done in Reiki 1. In Reiki 1 the person had to be in the same room as yourself to be treated effectively.

Another thing to keep in mind is now that you are attuned to Reiki II the same abilities you had after being attuned to Reiki 1 are NOW amplified in the sense that you can sense imperfections more readily when you do a body scan of a person prior to doing a treatment. Additionally, you will find your ability to intuitively perceive things has increased. In short, whatever you were capable of doing after your Reiki 1 attunement you can now do better. It’s like in Reiki 1, You learned to crawl. Now in Reiki II you learned to walk and should you decide to go on to Reiki III it will be like learning to run. In each activity from crawling to walking to running your ability to accomplish what you set out to do with Reiki has gotten better.

How Does One Activate The Symbols Once Attuned To Them?

The symbols can be activated in a variety of ways and regardless of which method you use all will work. One method is to simply think, whisper, or call out the name of the symbol three times along with the INTENTION that they are activated as you do so. Another method is to simply draw the symbol in the air with your finger, nose, arm, vision, third eye, or whatever else you choose to use to draw the symbol before you or combine drawing the symbols with thinking their name three times. Personally, I like to draw the symbol first and then repeat the symbol’s name three times. Whatever method you so choose to use to activate the symbols will work fine. The choice is yours.

Once you have activated the symbol, you can either treat yourself (self-healing exercises of manual I) or treat another (treatment of other exercises manual I) or make an INTENTION for using these activated symbols for some other concern have.

So in using the symbols you ACTIVATE them first (using one or all the methods above) and then give your INTENTION of what it is you want to use the activated symbols on such as self-healing, healing of others, or some other issue you want to work on.

NOTE: Before I go on I’d like to share with you a saying from one of the world’s most famous philosophers said. It has significance in our lifelong Reiki work. The saying is quoted below.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience: We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” Teilhard de Chardin

The First Three Reiki Symbols

NOTE: Keep in mind that each symbol has a mantra and this mantra is to be said three times after drawing the symbol associated with that mantra.

The FIRST symbol to be taught is known as the DISTANT HEALING SYMBOL. This is the opening symbol, which connects the person beyond time and space enabling you to heal your past, present, or future. You can also use this same symbol to heal the past, present, or future of those requesting assistance. This symbol traverses time so to speak. It is also used when giving DISTANT treatments since it knows no SPACE. The mantra that goes along with this symbol means, “The Christ in me greets the Christ in you.” It is a connection you make with your soul and not your ego. So before you start any healing treatment session with another or a self-healing treatment session ALWAYS start off by drawing this symbol and repeating its mantra three times.

The SECOND symbol to be taught is known as the MENTAL HEALING SYMBOL. This symbol, like the FIRST one, also has a meaning that goes along with it. That meaning is this, in the words of Mrs. Takata, “I have the key to the greatest peace.” The use of this symbol helps to identify and release negative thought patterns, soothe mental turbulence associated with stress, shock, fear, and depression. Additionally, this symbol invites you to let go of the limited view you may now have of yourself, stimulates you to free yourself while growing into your unlimited potential, balances the left and right brain to enhance learning capability, and improves memory, It is used with every head position or you can use it separately to alleviate stress. To use it separately simply place one hand on your forehead and the other on the back of your head. Keep the hands in place for ten or fifteen minutes.

The THIRD symbol known as the POWER SYMBOL means Universal Energy Here and Now. It is a blessing and a decree when used properly. You can use this symbol when you need a boost or focus of energy for doing healing treatments; to energize or bless the food, water, or seeds; or you can simply purify (cleanse) your room with it.

NOTE: When doing any kind of healing work on yourself or another always utilize the symbols in the following order,

  1. Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen
  2. Sei He Ki
  3. Cho Ku Rei

Then begin each hand treatment with Cho Ku Rei


The FIRST Reiki symbol you will use when giving treatments to others or yourself is called Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Pronounce this mantra in the following manner: Hun-Sha-Zay-Show-Nen. It is the DISTANT HEALING symbol and establishes the connection between the Reiki practitioner and the one being given treatment. This symbol is used for distant healing treatments, self-healing treatments, and actual hands-on-healing treatments. The symbol is shown on the next page. Draw it accordingly.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, The First Reiki Symbol


The SECOND Reiki symbol that one uses after Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen is called Sei-He Ki. It is known as the HARMONY symbol and is pronounced in the following manner: Say-Hay-Kee. Use on the subconscious level facilitates mental and emotional healing, assists in self-programming, and treatment of addictions and habits. Draw the symbol accordingly as shown below.

Sei-He Ki, The SECOND Reiki Symbol.

Cho Ku Rei

The THIRD Reiki symbol is called Cho Ku Rei and sounds like Cho-Koo-Ray. Known as the FOCUS symbol it is a power booster and increases the power of any self-healing treatments, treatment of others, the influencing of any outcome, or any other Reiki intention that you may have the desire to make. Use of this symbol kicks Reiki into high gear so to speak adding greater power to any intention that you may make. The symbol is drawn as it is shown below.

Cho Ku Rei, The THIRD Reiki Symbol

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PREVIOUS LEARNED SELF-HEALING EXERCISES/TREATMENT OF OTHERS FROM LEVEL I LESSON: It was taught, in Lesson 1, that when you do the self-healing hand placements or treating of others with hand placements to just do the hand placements themselves minus the use of symbols. *Doing this, alone, brings many benefits to the practitioner. However, now that you have learned the symbols incorporate these symbols into the self-healing/treatment of other’s routine for added effectiveness of the treatments. In order to do this what you need to do is start the whole self-healing routine, and treating other routines in the following manner.


  • FIRST: Draw the Hon Sha Za Sho Nen symbol as depicted in the beginning of this lesson. Draw it in the air before you. Then say its associated mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times (Hon Sha Za Sho Nen, Hon Sha Za Sho Nen, Hon Sha Za Sho Nen).
  • SECOND: State your intention, “This healing is for Billy Smith” or whomever else the healing is for.
  • THIRD: Draw the Sei He Ki symbol as depicted in the beginning of this lesson. Draw it in the air before you. Then say its associated mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times (Sei He Ki, Sei He Ki, Sei He Ki).
  • FOURTH: Draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol as depicted in the beginning of this lesson. Draw it in the air before you. Then say its associated mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times (Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei
  • FIFTH: Now do the self-healing exercises as taught in Level I.
  • SIXTH: After doing ALL the hand placements simply get up and do what you prefer or sit still in meditation.


  • FIRST: Draw the Hon Sha Za Sho Nen symbol either in the right palm of their hand or on the crown of their head. Then repeat the mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times.
  • SECOND: State your intention to provide some kind of relief to the person being healed.
  • THIRD: Draw the Sei He Ki symbol either in the right palm of their hand or on the crown of their head. Then repeat the mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times.
  • FOURTH: Draw the Cho Ku Rei symbol either in the right palm of their hand or on the crown of their head. Then repeat the mantra (out loud or to yourself) three times.
  • FIFTH: Do the treatment of others hand placements as has already been shown you in Level I. Begin each new position with a Cho Ku Rei symbol


Preliminaries: Keep in mind that the power flows through you. You are NOT the healer nor do you generate the healing power. Such power simply uses you as a conduit through which the healing power flows.

Keep in mind that throughout the distant healing you keep the person to who you are giving treatment in the foreground of your mind. Holding a picture of that person in your hands or holding in your hands a piece of paper with his/her name on it will help to better establish contact with them as well.

Inform the person, were possible, at what time they can expect to receive this distant healing treatment using their local time. By doing this you help to establish better contact with them during the actual treatment.

As in all treatments wash your hands and keep your legs/feet uncrossed during the entire distant healing routine. During treatment you don’t try and diagnose, you don’t try to influence the outcome in any way. You simply ask for the highest good for the individual in question.

Ask permission before giving Reiki because some folks do not like you doing something unless they are asked beforehand.

Now, you are ready to begin

  • Step 1: You begin by drawing before you in the air the first symbol known as Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen. Draw it using whatever you like. You can use your finger to trace it in the air. You can use your nose. You can use whatever you desire just as long as you draw it in the manner depicted.
  • Step 2: Once you’ve drawn the symbol repeat its mantra 3 times (Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen). This mantra starts the distant healing process and invokes the universal power to come forth, so to speak.
  • Step 3: Once you’ve done the following, state either to yourself or out loud, what your intention is. For example: This healing is for Joe Bloggs to cure whatever it is that ails him at the present time.
  • Step 4: Next draw the Second symbol known as Sei He Ki. Just as you did with the last symbol draw it before you in the air just in front of you.
  • Step 5: Next say this mantra either to yourself or out loud 3 times (Sei He Ki, Sei He Ki, Sei He Ki).
  • Step 6: Now draw the 3rd symbol called Cho Ku Rei. Draw it in the same fashion you drew the first 2 symbols, in the air before you.
  • Step 7: Now repeat its mantra 3 times out loud or to yourself (Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei, Cho Ku Rei).
  • Step 8: Once ALL the symbols have been drawn and their associated mantras repeated you simply go through the various hand healing placements, in your mind of course, as if you had the person before you doing them in person. . Begin each hand healing placement with a Cho Ku Rei symbol. You do not need to spend a great deal of time doing this. Usually a minimum of 5 to a Maximum of 20 minutes is sufficient.

To Rid Your Self of Unwanted Habits

Weight Loss, Cigarettes, Alcohol, Tobacco

On a piece of paper write your name, the unwanted habit, and the Sei-He-Ki symbol then hold the paper between your hands treating it with Reiki. Performing this ritual will send Reiki to the various parts of the brain associated with the bad habit and healing will begin. Do this for 20 minutes each day. Carry this paper with you throughout the day and if the compulsion presents itself Reiki the paper once more.

EXAMPLE: Ankit, Healthy weight loss.

What then can Reiki be used for?

  • Relieves anxiety, fear, depression, and anger.
  • Promotes the rapid healing of injuries.
  • Enhances intuition, awareness, and personal growth.
  • Eases the pain of chronic illness.
  • Relaxes and vitalizes the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Facilitates the healing process.
  • Is complementary to Eastern and Western Medicine.
  • Effectively treats animals and fosters the growth of plants.
  • A Reiki treatment will energize your blood supply; brain cells, glands, and organs back to healthy levels.
  • Reiki is an energy force that sustains all life forms and keeps us healthy. Helps resolve and bring to light karmic issues.
  • Detoxifies the body naturally.
  • Balances the energies of the body.
  • Begins a process of spiritual transformation and growth.
  • Reiki strongly connects a person to the source of spiritual energy.
  • Reiki complements all other therapies.
  • Strengthens the immune system.

To get attuned to Reiki II, You can Join our Reiki Classes. To know the history of reiki read, History of Reiki – A Complete Guide.