Reiki hands on Healing

Reiki – Hands on Healing

Reiki (Ray Key) is a practical HANDS ON HEALING system that does not go against any religion and is easy to practice once learned. The word Reiki is a Japanese term meaning Universal (Spiritual) Life Force Energy. The word is actually two words combined. The first word Rei means, “God’s wisdom” or “Higher Power” and Ki means, “life force energy” so when the two words are combined you get Life Force Energy originating from God or a Higher Power whichever you so choose to call the first cause of all things.

As a hands on healing system, the practitioner acts ONLY as a CHANNEL for this Universal Life Force energy to flow through. We neither generate this energy nor do we direct it, for it flows where it is most needed. For example, if we place our hands over the person’s heart, a heart which may be perfectly fine, the energy will flow elsewhere even though the hands are placed over the heart or the heart will take what is needed allowing the rest to flow to other areas.

Don’t think that just because your hands are in a certain position that, that position will use all the energy because what is needed will be used and the excess energy will be redirected to other areas of the body in need. For example, suppose you have a flat surface in front of you pitted with holes. What do you suppose will happen if you threw a bucket of water over that surface? How will the water react? First of all, the water will go where it is most needed, the holes. Once the holes are filled up with water then the water will continue to fill the rest of the unblemished surface. Such is the case with treatments. The energy will go where it is most needed.

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Where does Reiki come from?

The Universal Life Force Energy known as Reiki (it is known by other names such as chi, or prana) is actually an energy source from God (Allah, Cosmic Consciousness, Absolute Being, Higher Power, etc) that exists all around us. It is in the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. Every cell of our body is composed of it and this energy source has always existed. Furthermore, this energy source is found above us, below us, to the right of us, to the left of us, and behind us. It never has had a beginning nor will it have an end. It is omnipresent (exists everywhere), omniscient (all knowledgeable), and omnipotent (all-powerful). It cannot be killed or destroyed.

How Does Reiki Work?

No one really knows how Reiki works and there are many theories to answer that question. The one I most favor is the one I will now describe. We are alive because we have this energy (life force) substance coursing through our bodies. It flows through our chakras, meridians, and nadis. It even flows around our bodies in what we know as the aura. This energy when flowing unobstructed enables the body, and mind to stay in a healthy condition. However, This Universal Life Force Energy is very receptive to thoughts and feelings, and when negative thoughts and feelings are introduced this Universal Life Force Energy has disrupted withholding proper nourishment to the body/mind system. When this disruption occurs the person finds that he/she cannot function as well as they once did and the longer this disruption is allowed to go on illness tends to set in. What Reiki does is enable the person to increase the flow of this Universal Life Force Energy throughout the body renourishing those areas that have been disrupted by negative thoughts and feelings. Once enough of this energy is received the person’s health returns to the high level it once was.

How does Reiki differ from other energy healing methods?

The essential difference is that it is so simple to apply. Also when applying Reiki there are only several hand placement positions to learn with no methodology involved and the recognition that no one ever heals – it is by Grace of God and simply happens. For example, if I lay my hands on you to do treatment your body takes only what is needed through the channel (the Reiki practitioner). In fact, you can be skeptical or doubtful and Reiki will still work. All it asks you to do is be open-minded to the possibility of receiving Reiki. When I give a Reiki treatment the energy is NEVER sent by me as it is DRAWN by the one receiving. In other words, I don’t have to try and make Reiki flow. It is MY INTENTION to give and the recipient’s willingness to receive that allows Reiki to work. Without this INTENTION and WILLINGNESS to receive Reiki will not work for that will be an invasion of privacy and natural law will not allow this to happen.

What are the different levels of Reiki?

Traditional Usui Reiki consists of three levels. The levels can be seen as such:

Level I – At this level, any blockages which may be present within the chakras are now removed whereby you can easily connect to the Universal Life Force Energy. Without this attunement, your connection will not be as intense because those blockages will prevent the full free flow of reiki. At this level, you are now capable of doing self-healing exercises, and giving healing treatments to others; however, it has to be mentioned that healing of others can only be done if they are in the same room as yourself. You cannot do distant healing until you have undertaken a level II attunement.

LEVEL II – At this level, you are attuned to easily experience and utilize the first three traditional symbols of Reiki. Your connection to the Universal Life Force Energy is also made stronger by incorporating the symbols/mantras that you will now be attuned to in any healing practice. In addition, you can now do distant healing treatments. For example: If you live, as I do, in Georgia USA you can do a distant healing treatment even if the person lives on the other side of the world such as India.

LEVEL III – At this level, you are attuned to the Master Symbol and are now FULLY capable of attuning others as you have been attuned by your Reiki Master.

What does Reiki feel like to give and receive?

Giving and receiving Reiki feels pretty much similar to each other. Experiences can range from feelings of relaxation, heightened sense of awareness, seeing colors, twitching, sleepiness, increased warmth, hot hands, tingling sensations, or nothing at all. It all depends on how sensitive the person is as to how profound the experiences may or may not be.

Can Reiki levels be combined and how long must I wait between each levels?

The question arises as to how long a person should wait between levels such as after having received Level I attunement how long before they can receive Level II attunement and how long must they wait to receive Level III attunement?

This has been a controversial subject and answers vary between Masters. In my own personal view, I feel that it would be best for the person to wait at least 7 days between attunements to allow the person to assimilate what has been taught and to allow oneself time to experience that level before moving on to the next. Some Masters will tell you to wait 21 days to three months or more between levels whereas other Masters may combine levels such as combining Level I and II. Then there are Masters who will attune you to all three levels in one weekend. So there is no hard and fast rule as to how long one should wait. As I said my personal view would be for the person to wait at least 7 days between attunements.

Reiki Energy flowing After Attunement

The Attunement

The attunement procedure varies between Masters. Some Masters prefer you do a meditation prior to being attuned whereas others like to give a Reiki treatment prior to doing an attunement. As for time, the attunement can vary between 10-40 minutes depending on the Master and how they like to proceed. It has been said that Usui when he attuned others simply sat across from them in conversation and this was his way of attuning others so an attunement can take many forms and all of them will be correct as long as you have the INTENTION to attune them and you have their PERMISSION to do so.

As for experiences during an attunement although they are nice to have they are NOT an indication of how well an attunement has gone. One person can have great experiences, another person may have little experiences, and still another no experiences at all yet ALL three people have had successful attunements regardless of different experiences. Just because you may not have had a great experience as your friend is no reason to believe they are more highly attuned than you. I assure you that you are just as highly attuned as them experiences or no experiences.

Are there any unpleasant consequences of Reiki Treatments and/or attunements?

It has been said that after receiving an attunement a person undergoes a cleansing (detoxification) process. This process may last as long as 21 days; however, it has been my experience that this cleansing process is different for every person. Some people go through a cleansing process for a few days and then feel fine for a few weeks before they have another cleanse. Still, other people experience no cleanse whatsoever and still, others go through a cleanse pretty much of the 21 days. The same kind of thing can and will happen for those who undergo healing treatment sessions.

The Usui Reiki Principles

Dr. Usui formulated these Principles in response to those he trained for those he trained did not seem to value the hands on healing system that they were taught. They took what they had learned for granted until these Principles, which captured the essence of Reiki, were brought about. Considering these Principles to bring about secret blessings Dr. Usui asked his students to hold their hands in the traditional (namaste) prayer-like position and think or chant these Principles every morning and night.

Just for today do not anger.
Just for today do not worry.
Just for today honor your parents, teachers, and elders.
Just for today earn your living honestly.
Just for today show gratitude to every living thing.

These Principles are designed to assist you in becoming the best and most pure channel of Reiki when meditated on a daily basis. Finally do not feel dishearted if you find yourself unable to strictly adhere to all or some of these Principles on a daily basis for many people find it a difficult task indeed; however, never give up, and as many times as you may fall short of the goal keep trying to fashion your life after the Principles put forth here. In time you will be glad you did.

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  • To use this energy you don’t need any type of training.
  • Once Attuned, Anyone can heal from the day they get attune and The ability to Heal remains forever.
  • The more you practice, the stronger your ability becomes.
  • No concentration or effort required, It will automatically flow as much as you need, just use your hands.

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Attunement to Reiki Level 1

Attunement to Reiki Level 1, Total duration of Attunement will be 15 – 20 Minutes after that you will be able to heal yourself and others, Cost of Attunement: INR 2500

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Attunement to Reiki Level 2

Attunement to Reiki Level 2, Total duration of Attunement will be 15 – 20 Minutes after that you will be able to perform distance healing and will be able to heal events in the past, present, and in future. Cost of Attunement: INR 2500

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Attunement to Reiki Level 3

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