view at patna village

Patna Village, Above Patna Waterfall You Probably Didn’t Know of!

I believe Rishikesh has always been an attraction among travelers/tourists of all ages. Not only religious but this place is equally important for those looking for yoga, meditation, spiritual, cafes, adventure, this place has got it all. So I have decided to introduce this series of posts where we will know about some unexplored places near rishikesh.

There are many Offbeat Places Near Rishikesh that you simply can’t afford to miss on your trip to Rishikesh. Today I’m going to tell you about one such place, “Patna Village” Located at Yamkeshwar Block in District Pauri Gharwal of Uttarakhand, Near Rishikesh.

No Road

Yes, To reach this village you have to do a 2km Trek. This village is located Just above Patna Waterfall Near Phoolchatti. Although, the origin of patna waterfall is considered to be from this village but villagers can’t use this water as it flows under the rocks.

Trek to Patna Village

This place is simply heaven for those looking for peace and want to escape away from daily noisy routine life. I remember once I took a friend of mine to this beautiful village and she said,

This is my dream! I belong here. This is the place I have been looking for all my life!


Around 25-30 Families lives here. Most of these families are dependent on Tourism Industry. They run small shops around waterfall area.

Small Shop Near Patna Waterfall

Few people have Horses/ Khachar as its tough to carry heavy load on one’s shoulder.


People are very friendly and Honest. You can ask someone for Home Stay option if you want to spend few days here in the lap of nature.