Only 50 Pilgrims Visited Badrinath Dham Yesterday

November 06, 2022 – As the date of closure of the doors of Badrinath Dham is approaching, the number of pilgrims visiting Badrinath has decreased. The number of pilgrims visiting Badrinath has now come down to 50. This has left the transporters disappointed.

After Covid, this year’s Chardham Yatra went well. Kedarnath Dham was the first choice of pilgrims. So the pilgrims coming from different states of the country reached Kedarnath for darshan. After the construction work in Kedarnath Dham in 2013, pilgrims flocked to Kedarnath to see the change from there. This year during Chardham Yatra, Uttarakhand roadways ran 90 buses on the yatra route. Most of those roadways buses were running on the Kedarnath route (Sonprayag).


Kedarnath, Gangotri, and Yamunotri Dham are already closed, and The doors of Badrinath Dham will close on November 19. About a week ago, the number of passengers going to Badrinath was 100 to 150, which has now come down to 50. Suman Bijalvan, the Chardham Yatra registration in charge of the tourism department’s agency, said that the number of passengers has decreased due to the sudden dip in temperature. Nowadays, only pilgrims from Gujarat and Rajasthan are visiting Badrinath.