Glacier Cracks

New Cracks Formed In Glacier Of Rishiganga, Check Video

May 27, 2021 – According to Local Villagers, New cracks are formed and can be clearly seen on the glaciers at the origin of the Rishiganga which is flowing in the Niti valley’s Raini region. People of Raini village feared that the glacier can break anytime in the upper region of Rishiganga and may cause heavy destruction.

The villagers of Raini village formed a team and sent them to inspected the origin of Rishiganga, The team reported new cracks in the glaciers. The said inspection of the glacier was done from Rothi Bugyal, Which is on the opposite side of The Glacier.

According to Villagers, The Administration should do regular monitoring of glaciers so as to avoid any misshaping.


The villagers of Raini village have been frightened since The Glacier Burst in Niti Valley at Sumna, Joshimath Uttarakhand.

Local Administration has already been informed about the issue.

Video of Cracks Noticed in The Glaciers of Rishiganga